Life Coaching Business Tips to Boost Your Life Coach Career: How to Get Clients to Show Up For Your Workshops and Teleclasses in Droves

One strategy to increase your life coaching business is to provide value through workshops, teleclasses and free sessions. It seems like a relatively easy way to boost your life coach career, but the difficulty come in getting prospective clients to show up. What do you do when you spend hours preparing a presentation and no one shows? Before you give up on your life coach career, take heart. Here are some life coaching business tips to get clients to show up in droves.

Prepare your Marketing Piece Using Bullets if You Are Serious about Your Life Coach Career


When you’re writing a marketing piece for your life coaching business, you are trying to get people to take the next action step. The easiest way to start is by writing the bullets. You know your own program, and it’s easy to get past writer’s block. If you are serious about your life coach career, plan on spending at least two hours. Once this part is complete, the rest of the marketing communication will come through quickly.

Find Success in Your Life Coaching Business by Making Each Bullet Count


The key to success in your life coaching business marketing is to make every bullet extremely compelling. There are 3 components that need to be included in each bullet if you are serious about taking your life coach career to the next level:

  • Suggest a benefit
  • Suggest instant gratification or instant results.
  • Suggest some type of fascination or interest.

Expand Your Life Coach Career by Peaking Prospective Client’s Interest


Usually the hardest part of writing your life coaching business marketing piece is to find the fascinating or interesting part that peaks your client’s interest and compels them to ask for more information. You have to leave something out and create mystery. One example is “Where Never to Sit on an Airplane.” Are you going to at least skim that article so you know where you should sit? And why? This bullet implies immediate gratification if you read the article, and a definite benefit. When you use some type of ‘magic bullets’ in your marketing plan, your life coach career will naturally expand. And you can find examples on most magazine covers.

So even if it takes you a few hours to write 10 bullets, your life coaching business will attract more people marketing in this way than any other type of writing. That’s because most people just go straight to the bullets. If they’re still interested they might read your testimonials, but few people will sign up based on your bio. Don’t go too crazy and make your benefits seem too grandiose. Grab people’s attention and prove your claims, then watch new clients find their way into your life coach career.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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