Assessment Coach Training: Career Coach Training Using The Disc and PIAV Assessments

A Surprise – What Assessments Taught me About a Long-time Friend and the Importance for Coach Training

I’m taking an assessment coach training course, and learning how to use assessments for career coach training. And although one might assume that you could figure out someone’s DISC if you knew them for 10 years, it’s not always the case. Before I took this coach training I thought I could more or less figure out anyone’s profile, but when I saw the assessment results of a good friend I was surprised. I though he had more of a High Steadiness and High Compliance behavioral profile, when he really has a High Dominance and High Influencing style. How could I be so far off? It’s obvious I needed a little more career coach training.

This Career Coach Training Proved that People Behave Differently in Different Settings

Part of this assessment coach training made me realize that people’s behavioral styles can vary significantly in the way they show up to most of the world, and when they are with close friends and family. I know this friend would call me part of his inner circle, but why was I seeing his adapted High Compliance factor? This part became clear when I understood how to use the assessments in career coach training.

Why did I need assessment coach training to understand my friend’s behavioral style? He had spent a lot of his life working as an engineer and then teaching computer skills to special education kids. Now he is a private tutor for people who need help with their computer. I just put him in the same category as all my other high tech friends. It’s obvious now that if he had career coach training earlier into his career things might have been difference.

Putting This Coach Training into Place Can Change Lives

The other shocking thing I learned from this coach training is that his top two values are Traditional and Utilitarian. While I could clearly see his Traditional value without the assessments, I was surprised that Theoretical Knowledge was third on the list instead of first or second. Even though this friend of mine is always reading or learning something, his quest for knowledge is really motivated by his ability to use it in a practical manner. From my career coach training it seems like he could have been a high producing salesperson!

After this assessment coach training I have a new found respect for the DISC and PIAV assessments. I guess I won’t be doing career coach training without them again.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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