Want Coaching Success Stories? End Sessions This Way!

Coaching success stories provide wonderful examples of what works in coaching. Recently a client of mine had a major breakthrough because of the technique I used with him at the very end of his coaching session. You've probably heard the old aphorism “You can bring a horse to water but you cannot make him drink.” Here is an example of success in getting the “horse” to drink the water. Happy Endings Can Translate to Coaching Success Stories Feeling down or unhappy can be a great motivator in … [Read more...]

Coaching Success Stories: Pushing Through The Pain

Within all the best coaching success stories enters the darkness before the dawn. It’s the time when the hero wants to quit or appears to be on the edge of death. Even though most of our life stories don’t involve actual danger, the subconscious mind cannot distinguish one type of stress from another. It is all perceived as danger. Why Coaching Is Needed For Success Most people determine whether they will move forward based upon a feeling. But since our feelings are based on what we believe to … [Read more...]

The Drama Behind Coaching Success Stories

Behind the greatest coaching success stories is a common theme. From failure to success, these stories paint a seamless portrait of transformation. But unlike movie stories, coaching stories rarely portray the severity of challenges it takes for the heroes to achieve their own personal successes. The Unmentioned Part Of Coaching Success Stories In movies drama is emphasized; especially in the theatrical trailers that try to sell you on the idea of seeing the movie. But in coaching success … [Read more...]

Clever Ways To Get Coaching Success Stories Using Testimonials

Have you started collecting your coaching success stories yet? If you haven’t, you are missing out on a terrific tool for marketing your life coach business, for using in your sales conversations and for helping your life coaching clients. And in case you haven’t guessed, the best source for your personal coaching success stories is testimonials from people you have coached. Get Testimonials From Everyone You Coach For every coaching setting, whether complimentary sessions, individual … [Read more...]

Coaching Success Stories

Coaching success stories don’t just motivate clients to enroll, they also motivate coaches. It’s not easy when your coaching clients are struggling toward their own success. How do you avoid getting pulled into their stories of discouragement? How do you avoid staying up all night tossing and turning about your clients’ lack of success? It’s helpful to have a set of your own coaching success stories to turn to in these times. Coaching Success Stories Are Everywhere You can find success stories … [Read more...]

Coaching Success Stories: Don’t Forget To Celebrate!

Coaching success stories are what keep us going as coaches. Whether it’s my story or yours, it’s inspiring to all of us. We use coaching success stories to motivate ourselves, to motivate our clients and to help convert potential clients into paying ones. But for some coaches, and in fact many clients, it can be challenging to acknowledge the successes we’ve had and take credit for transforming ourselves into the people who could make those successes happen. When we don’t acknowledge success and … [Read more...]

Be One of Your Own Coaching Success Stories: The Power of Rituals

Did you ever realize that you are one of your own coaching success stories?  I sometimes think about this when I am sharing what I do with someone who is just starting out their coaching career, making a career transition, or is a mom.  But recently I realized that a big part of my own success is due to a habit.  Before coaching, I get myself into a “peak performance state.”  I never really thought about it becoming the source for coaching success stories, until a recent 10-day vacation. When … [Read more...]

Become One of Your Own Coaching Success Stories: Navigating Life Coaching Business Threats

Are you one of your own coaching success stories yet?  We all know that coaching success stories are a valuable tool when enrolling new clients into your life coaching business.  But are we a living example of what is possible with coaching?  Is our life coaching business where we want it to be, or at least on the right path?  There are three things that can happen when we embark upon a new goal, and each has it’s own challenges. To Grow Your Life Coaching Business You Will Have to Lose the … [Read more...]

Use Coaching Success Stories To Gain Credibility When You Start Your Life Coaching Business

The fastest way to gain credibility for your life coaching business is to use coaching success stories.  Many start their life coaching business by getting certified.  That is a great way to get credibility.  But what if you don’t have the finances or time to invest into getting certified?  There is another way.  People don’t hire you to coach them because you’re certified.  They hire you because they believe you can help them to get the results they are looking for. In Your Life Coaching … [Read more...]

A Fun Way to Increase Life Coaching Business: Using Coaching Success Stories to Enroll New Clients

Finding life coaching business is not about hard sells.  It’s been said many times, “Nothing sells like success.”  How often do you use coaching success stories when you are trying to get new clients to enroll in coaching?  Coaching success stories are one of the easiest and most fun ways to increase your life coaching business.  If it’s not already part of your script, then now is a great time to start, even if you don’t feel that you have any success stories that are compelling enough … [Read more...]