In Growing a Business Coaching or Sales Training Coaching Practice The Most Important Skill is Overcoming Call Reluctance

In sales training coaching and business coaching the most important skill in growing your business is overcoming call reluctance. Almost all my clients know the feeling of knowing they need to make calls to grow their practice but NOT making them. Here are 3 tips to gain mastery over call reluctance when building your sales training coaching or business coaching practice.

When Calling to Build Your Business Coaching or Sales Training Coaching Practice Remember The Calls Are NOT About You

When you are about to make calls to grown sales training coaching or business coaching practice it is about the value you can offer the other person. Only call people you can add value to. Before you call ask yourself “can I add value to this person?” if the answer is “yes” then you should not view yourself as bugging that person. Imagine to yourself before you make the call someone looking through the yellow pages or searching on the internet, asking their friends if they know a sales training coach or business coach….then your call comes to their rescue.

Get Clear on Your Payoff You Get For Not Making The Calls Required to Grow Your Business Coaching or Sales Training Coaching Practice

If you still feel like you are bugging people. Get associated to the payoff you get by holding onto the story that calling people to build your business coaching practice is “bugging” people.

Then you have to let go of that payoff…Often times the payoff is that if you don’t make the calls you have the perfect ALIBI about why you didn’t achieve success in your sales training coaching practice.

Again, don’t make it about you, it is about the prospect and your job is to empower them to make a decision about how whether life would be better with your sales training coaching or business coaching helping them achieve their dreams.

Change Begins in Language. To Get Yourself to Make Calls to Build Your Sales Training Coaching or Business Coaching Practice You Must Change What You Tell Yourself

If you’ve had a hard time with overcoming call reluctance for a long period of time you may need to change what you tell yourself. Change BEGINS with what you tell yourself.

You can change what you tell yourself from “I hate the phone” or “I never make my calls” to “I LOVE the phone”, “the PHONE is the fastest, easiest way to GROW my sales training coaching or business coaching practice” or “my next PHONE call will MAKE me $1,000”

When you make calls to grow your business coaching practice you are going to hear “no” and sometimes it won’t feel good to hear “NO”. Remember, we said the calls are not about you so don’t take it personally when someone says “no” to a free session to receive your sales training coaching. You are not trying to convince anybody of anything…all you are doing is sorting for the people who are ALREADY interested in business coaching or sales training coaching.

Kris Thompson

JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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