Business Coaching Practice: 3-Way Win Triangulation

A powerful business coaching practice is to shoot high for win triangulation in your coaching practice to springboard your practice into the profit stratosphere with partners who grasp the tremendous value and power of creating win-win relationships to spark 3-way wins for the coach, the partner, and the coaching client. The way win triangulation works for you, your partner, and the client is it initiates by your persuasion abilities as an influential business coach. You start by influencing … [Read more...]

Coaching Skills: The Universal Power For All Leaders

The universal power of coaching skills begs the obvious question why don’t more CEOS, managers, professionals, and business owners get certified in potent coaching technologies so they become dynamic leaders instead of weak kneed, wet noodles who mostly ruin people lives’ when they try to lead their apprentices careers, but these unrefined leaders often fail their underlings miserably. It can be a win-win proposition for leaders in all walks of life who make the smart decision to learn … [Read more...]

Easy Time Saving Career Coaching Skills For Supervisors

In this article, I’ll share with you 4 career coaching skills for supervisors that I’m using right now to help career coaching supervisors create more rapport and trust with their employees and iron out group communication challenges across their teams. In the project management literature, you’ll find that teams go through several phases of growth and development before team members arrive at optimum performance. It’s important to truly have the wisdom and knowledge as a coaching supervisor … [Read more...]

Your Personal Wealth Coaching Helps You Soar Financially

You can expect your wealth coach to shape, mold, and transform you out of your stagnate financial slump into a person who plans, expects, and demands wealth. Wealth comes through having a well conceived plan that you can consistently execute on that’ll rollout bucket loads of green cash over time and create financial stability and freedom for you and your family to live in your dream home, drive nice shiny cars, have the college experiences you desire, and retire with a lifestyle fit for a king … [Read more...]

Life Balance Coaching: Can I Serve Others And Be Myself?

I’m going to tell you about a great lesson I had in life balance coaching that I wasn’t expecting this week that shocked me and woke me up to the reality that my depressed client was so focused on helping others she has no goals she could think of to work on and no real passion for anything when it comes to her own advancement or happiness. This lady retired from a hi-tech writing position 10 years ago at age 50, and she’s now a very unhappy 60 year old woman in Silicon Valley who spends 100% of … [Read more...]

Best Practices For Coaching: Sale Delayed = Easily Made

One of the more important and Best practices for coaching is for you to get a handle on the fact that forcing a sale with an introvert can be the reason why you don’t make the sale at the end of your free coaching sessions and then you end up loosing out on hordes of great clients because you lack the knowhow of how to engage certain kinds of coaching prospects and you can’t seem to bring yourself to be able to slow down and walk away from your potential client to create the space for them to … [Read more...]

The Psychology Of Coaching Tips Observing A Street Bum

The psychology of coaching that’ll help you get paid 25% of the time from your free coaching sessions can be learned from a down and out, long haired hairy faced street bum who has to get through each hard, day and long night by convincing his leery prospects to dig into their tight pockets and hand over a little green dough so he eats that day, and maybe even have enough left over so he can walk around with a brown bag full of booze turned up to his lips, talking big shit, so he stays warm … [Read more...]

Three Key Perspectives To Get Massive Results From Your Business Coaching | Image by Cuenact

Business Coaching: 3 Ways to Take Massive Action

Business coaching clients who get massive results because of their willingness to be coach has taught me that if you don’t really have a burning desire to have more, be more, do more, become something bigger in your life or business, you’re going to be one of those clients who waste a lot of precious time because my sole focus as a business coach is to ignite your passions so you will live and have freedom, choice, and control to do, be, and stretch beyond your current level because you can be a … [Read more...]

Dear Relationship Coach: My Partner Never Gets Frisky!

Your relationship coach knows the tips and tricks to get your partner to get down and be more freaky deaky because if you or your partner don’t exude both bad boy and good boy or bad girl and good girl energies in your relationship, you aint going to be real excited about being in a long-term relationship with a person who can’t play both roles at least sometimes because the mystery, intrigue, and face it, balance of naughtiness and responsibility won’t be present to create the stability you … [Read more...]

Dear Relationship Coach: Do Opposites Attract?

A relationship coach knows the truth that if you’re in a steaming, hot relationship and you’re unsure about how your relationship will turn out for you, but the only thing is you know that you’re so deeply in love and attracted to your bad boy or bad girl and it’s crazy because you don’t quite know what you should believe about your deep feelings and your partners real true intentions. It’s understandable that you feel unsure, stressed, and fearful because opposites don’t really attract in the … [Read more...]