Life Balance Coaching: Can I Serve Others And Be Myself?

I’m going to tell you about a great lesson I had in life balance coaching that I wasn’t expecting this week that shocked me and woke me up to the reality that my depressed client was so focused on helping others she has no goals she could think of to work on and no real passion for anything when it comes to her own advancement or happiness. This lady retired from a hi-tech writing position 10 years ago at age 50, and she’s now a very unhappy 60 year old woman in Silicon Valley who spends 100% of … [Read more...]

Life Balance Coaching – Thriving on Life’s Tightrope

Through life balance coaching, you help your clients meet the demands of work, family, and themselves. By understanding the four basic human needs and establishing strategies to increasing your clients’ fulfillment of each need, they will not only be happier, but their new positive behavior will be self-reinforcing. Each of Us Is “Hardwired” with Four Fundamental Needs Life balance coaching requires the understanding of our needs for Significance, Love and Connection, Certainty and Variety, … [Read more...]

Life Balance Coaching: The Quickest Way Back To Sanity

Do you have life balance coaching clients who are out of control? They flip flop between working on fulfilling their dreams in one part of their life, only to lose sight of other areas? One of the most common patterns of this craziness is the battle between work and family life or leisure. It is the balance between getting their needs met for significance on one hand and love on the other. The Life Balance Myth That there is some type of balance point in your clients’ lives is a fallacy. While … [Read more...]

Get Your Client Off The Teeter-Totter With Life Balance Coaching

Most of your clients will benefit from life balance coaching.  They may not think of what they want in quite those words, but if they aren’t satisfied with their lives, or their level of success in their work or business, or their relationships, often times the cause is a lack of balance on the teeter-totter of their daily lives. The costs of an out-of-balance life An out-of-balance life can show up in your clients as almost anything.  A successful business woman comes to you because her … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Concepts: Life Balance Coaching Tools to Avoid Parkinson’s Law

Parkinson’s Law was named after Cyril Northcote Parkinson, who was not involved in life coaching at all.  He was worked in the British Civil Service and in 1955 published an essay which began by stating, “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion” (according to Wikipedia).  Just goes to show you that there are some people who work for the government who may actually be interested in life coaching to get themselves out of the ‘rat race’ we hear so much about.  While the … [Read more...]

How to Juggle Your Life Coaching Business: Life Balance Coaching Made Simple

Life coaching, like any business, is tough.  You need good life balance coaching skills just to manage your own resources to really be successful.  Thankfully there are only three variables you absolutely must manage to enjoy longevity and success as a life coach.  These life balance coaching essentials are time, energy and money. Life Balance Coaching Essential #1: Time Management Time is probably the most common life balance coaching challenge.  If you can manage it with yourself, you have a … [Read more...]

Life Balance Coaching That Gives Your Life Coaching Clients Better Results For Life

What life balance coaching do your life coaching clients need to get results?  In your life coaching business you focus on the basics.  One of the most basic rules of life is we cannot be in two places at one time.  Most people live their life always reacting to distractions that come up.  Between the cell phone, TV, computer, long hours at work and family how do you get everything done?  It all starts with where you spend your time.  You cannot give effective life balance coaching without … [Read more...]

Life Balance Coaching: Taking Your Life Coaching Skills To The Next Level

The main difference between life coaching and life balance coaching is boundaries. In life coaching, we see the possibilities as limitless, without boundaries. However, in life balance coaching, it is necessary to find places to implement some boundaries. Otherwise, what started out as a nice little ride to success can turn into a train wreck. Use Life Balance Coaching to Reach Your Clients in New Ways What does a life without boundaries look like to a life balance coaching client? They may … [Read more...]