The Psychology Of Coaching Tips Observing A Street Bum

The psychology of coaching that’ll help you get paid 25% of the time from your free coaching sessions can be learned from a down and out, long haired hairy faced street bum who has to get through each hard, day and long night by convincing his leery prospects to dig into their tight pockets and hand over a little green dough so he eats that day, and maybe even have enough left over so he can walk around with a brown bag full of booze turned up to his lips, talking big shit, so he stays warm through the long dark chilly night on the streets of Skid Row.

This street bum doesn’t come across coldheartedly desperate because he has learned that it’s all about the numbers or the law of averages in his hood. This bum knows he simply needs to make contact with 100 or more people a day and then he’ll survive. That’s his game.

He’s an expert salesman because he knows which powerful sales techniques will work with different types of prospects, so he watches and surveys their personality signs and perfectly flows through his tactics to match the attitude of his prospective client with enthusiasm.

The psychology of coaching from this street bum to get you results from your free coaching sessions 25% of the time

You’ll never be consistently successful getting more coaching clients without enthusiasm, and enthusiasm is contagious. If you’re not excited about how your coaching can get you paid, then why should your prospects get excited about signing up for a six month coaching contract and even re-up with a broke coach? If you don’t rely on the 3 tips below, then you’re for sure a down and out and busted coach and you don’t even know why.

3 masterful sales tips from this bum to get your prospects to give you money 25% of the time:

1. Use empathy and reverse empathy
2. Be relentless about follow-up
3. Systematize what works

Use empathy and reverse empathy

This bum is very smart because he uses empathy and reverse empathy for his benefit. Sometimes, he doesn’t want you to feel sorry for him and he may reject your kindness, and other times he’ll play on your sympathy to get you to give up the dough. In his mind, he never feels needy. You can sure learn a lot from this master of persuasion because he’s not affected by the outcome of him trying to close you for cash.

Be relentless about follow-up

This street bum may sell you on a regular basis if not most days, and he’ll consistently without fail close you for money an average of 25% of the time. This guy makes big bank because he has gotten comfortable with a lot of no’s.

He knows if he keeps trying really hard to close you he’ll cause you to feel guilty if you won’t give him some change. What this all means for the psychology of coaching is for you to work harder than your client for their success and they’ll regularly give you good money.

Systematize what works

This street bum survives a tough life because he has authority and authority can mean feast or famine in his hood or even life or death. His environment forces him to do or die.

Do you think this street bum makes up something clever or new every time he closes you for money? That’s definitely no. he’s scripted, clever and rehearsed for maximum authority, and he always knows where he is in the close. He knows his script frontwards and backwards, inside and out.

Really, can you learn about the psychology of coaching from this street bum to get paid 25% of the time from your free coaching sessions? Yes because he’s a master closer for money, and he’s not afraid to ask you for it.

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Donald Hunter
Certified JTS Accountability And Strategy Coach

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    Forgive me, but this approach to closing sales seems to cynical for me. I don’t get excited about the money I can get from coaching. I get excited about how much coaching can help clients move forward into a life that’s meaningful and feels great! I do need to make a living at this, but that’s secondary to having found a truly exciting and meaningful career that helps people on a deep level.

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