Dear Relationship Coach: Do Opposites Attract?

A relationship coach knows the truth that if you’re in a steaming, hot relationship and you’re unsure about how your relationship will turn out for you, but the only thing is you know that you’re so deeply in love and attracted to your bad boy or bad girl and it’s crazy because you don’t quite know what you should believe about your deep feelings and your partners real true intentions. It’s understandable that you feel unsure, stressed, and fearful because opposites don’t really attract in the way you think. At least not in the long-run, so let’s get a better handle on what’s real and burst the opposites attract myths bubble.

Where opposites do attract is the basis for beginning your lasting relationship, but it’s not the thing that’ll keep your relationship together when storms come and the rain beats down on your sex bond, and the wind is so strong it blows you little love making home off it’s foundation.

As your relationship coach, here’s the truth on how opposites attract.

You may call this an aura , but opposites attract only in their sexual energies. It’s called polarity – like a magnet. You have polarity when there’s masculine and feminine energies going on in your relationship. Masculine energy attracts Feminine energy, and vice-versa.

Masculine energy is about:

  • Force
  • Wants Freedom / Peace
  • Significance / Certainty driven
  • Hunter
  • Centered/Solid

Feminine energy is about:

  • Power
  • Wants to be possessed
  • Love / Variety driven
  • Hunted/Pursued
  • Stormy/Flowing

Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you shouldn’t or won’t have feminine energies at times. The same is true for a woman in that they may come from a place of masculine energies, depending on their natural behavioral styles and motivational values.

The coaching question is what is your center of gravity when it comes to sexual energies?

If there is no difference in sexual energy in the relationship, then there is no passion or attraction. You can see this truth playing out in a same sex relationship because for it to work, opposite sexual energies must be present as well. You may wonder why relationships sometimes shift and the partnership loses it’s polarity why that happens. It’s because the partners move closer together in their centers of gravity in terms of their sexual energies and they lose the hot passionate polarity they once had.

In some relationships, the man wants his sweet, feminine, innocent woman to get tougher. He wants her to be more goal oriented, rise to challenge, and kick but if the situation calls for it. She listens to this crap, and over time, she sees no way out and then she shifts her center of gravity closer to her man’s masculine center. Then, the polarity passion and power slowly dissipates and the 2 partners lose the excitement in their once steaming, hot relationship.

A strong woman with masculine energies can turn her man into a girlie man through the very same process because she’s unaware of the importance of the magnetic force that opposite sexual energies create for her and her once forceful, hunter  like man.

What keeps your tantalizing relationship together?

The 3 main goals for how to make your relationship work that a relationship coach answers to help partners who strive and desire to create in their relationships include:

  • Getting along better
  • Working together better as a team
  • Improving communications

These 3 main goals can be impacted positively and negatively by the 2 other things which are present in a relationship: natural behavioral tendencies and your values which are your emotional drivers. For simplicity sake, you can think of these 2 things as how you do things and why you’re motivated to do them. The more similar you are in these 2 very important areas, the more you’ll achieve the 3 desirous how to make a relationship work goals above. You can find out you and your partner’s natural behavioral styles and value drivers by purchasing a relationship assessment from a certified relationship assessment coach.

If you really have the hot, crazy, cool sex thing going on in your relationship, but you don’t get along or you don’t work well as a team or you face challenging communication hurdles, then seek out the priceless services of a relationship coach who can create a safe place for you and your partner to explore the relationship attractors and the relationship killers in an open and honest way. If you have been shifted off your center of gravity by your stronger partner, then get some coaching to get back to your center of gravity and put the steam and passion back into your little love machine.

Give this strategy a try and see for yourself that it works. If you liked this coaching tip, leave a comment or use the handy bookmark buttons below to share it with others on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. Thanks!

Donald Hunter

Certified JTS Accountability And Strategy Coach

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