Dear Relationship Coach: My Partner Never Gets Frisky!

Your relationship coach knows the tips and tricks to get your partner to get down and be more freaky deaky because if you or your partner don’t exude both bad boy and good boy or bad girl and good girl energies in your relationship, you aint going to be real excited about being in a long-term relationship with a person who can’t play both roles at least sometimes because the mystery, intrigue, and face it, balance of naughtiness and responsibility won’t be present to create the stability you want in sex and reliability, and even in your normal day-to-day challenges and interactions.

If you aint got it, you need to get it. The it is a well balanced mix of bad guy and good guy in you, and that’s what makes you interesting to your mate.

How can my relationship coach help me figure out the proper mix of light and dark energies?

You may never have heard of this concept of light and dark energies before, but it’s true a mix in the right proportions can add the flavor of life and spice to your relationship.

We usually talk about people in terms of good and bad, but in a relationship, coaches know good and bad can blur because we are playing roles to please each other or to please ourselves. The light and dark energy edge and balance is very important to maintain fulfillment on both sides of your relationship.

Light energy is about:

– Giving and serving
– Being a ’good boy’ or a ’good girl’. Think of it like a child that wants to please his/her parent.
– Innocence as well as happy, loving, nurturing attitudes
– Mature version of light energy would be responsibility and integrity

Dark energy is about:

– Mystery and seduction
– Think of ’playfulness’ in more of a naughty way
– Being the ’bad boy’ or ’bad girl’, who gets in ’trouble’
– Think of mischief, secrets, seduction, and trickery
– Selfishness and hedonism are part of the dark energy.

Relationship coaches know that male dark energy is more possessive, ravaging, predatory, and confrontive, while female dark energy is more seductive, duplicitous, and manipulative.

If you have some reason to want every one in your world to think you’re a really good, upstanding, and law abiding person, including God, then do yourself a favor. When your alone and being intimate with your partner, layoff the holier than thou image you project to everyone else and show your babe you can get frisky and risky.

On the other hand, if you’re always the bad guy, no one is going to be attracted to that for long. You’ve got to show some responsibility and let your light energy shine when it’s appropriate.

Example of light and dark energy in Hollywood.

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James are the quintessential couple who we can take a brief look at to see what’s going on with these 2 types of energy in your relationship.

Sandra Bullock:

Sandra is the light energy source. America feels and believes that this woman can do no wrong. She’s such a great mother and the roles she plays cast her in this light as well. What I’d like to know as a relationship coach from Sandra, do you ever let go of your good girl image for a moment and be the bad girl and express your dark side ever?

Jesse James:

Jesse is Hollywood’s true bad boy. Some might say he’s reckless in his behavior, but he seems to attract women like a magnet, even the good girls.

Sandra was attracted to Jesse because he had something she didn’t, and that was dark energy. It could be that Jesse actually brought dark energy out in Sandra, but we may never know because Sandra and her media team works hard to protect her good girl image.

The same can be said for why Jesse married Sandra, and that’s because he knows he needs someone in his life that leans towards being more responsible. Unfortunately, this couple didn’t have the right mix of dark and light energies to make their relationship last until death did them part.

If you are in a relationship that you’re now wondering how to capture the right mix of light and dark energy, you can hire a relationship coach to run an assessment on you and your partner and coach you through a relationship assessment to get your intimate partnership back on track with the right proportion of ebb and flow of light and dark energies.

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Donald Hunter
Certified JTS Accountability And Strategy Coach

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