The Psychology of Coaching Optimists and Pessimists

The psychology of coaching gets to the core of how you coach – different people with different mindsets. When you encounter an optimist or a pessimist in your coaching practice, you might think it’s best to help turn that pessimist into an optimist. You might be wrong. Is it Better to be an Optimist? Most coaches are very positive people, but there are certainly a few pessimists in the bunch. Though we've heard that it is better to be an optimist, is that really the case? Many experts … [Read more...]

The Psychology of Coaching the Uncoachable

Most every coach has come across the uncoachable client and wondered if there is a specific psychology of coaching for working with these unwilling clients. Why would someone not willing to be coached, pay for coaching sessions? The mystery is bewildering, to say the least. From a coach's perspective, an uncoachable client is still a paying client, so there is one benefit. But, most coaches not only like to make money, they genuinely want to help their clients and feel as if they have … [Read more...]

The Psychology Of Coaching Tips Observing A Street Bum

The psychology of coaching that’ll help you get paid 25% of the time from your free coaching sessions can be learned from a down and out, long haired hairy faced street bum who has to get through each hard, day and long night by convincing his leery prospects to dig into their tight pockets and hand over a little green dough so he eats that day, and maybe even have enough left over so he can walk around with a brown bag full of booze turned up to his lips, talking big shit, so he stays warm … [Read more...]