The “Hard to Get” Coach

Many coaches over-coach. It’s understandable. Coaches LOVE Coaching. But OVER-coaching loses you clients. What if, instead, you WITHHELD Coaching? It’s counterintuitive, but withholding coaching… …ATTRACTS MORE CLIENTS. Can you imagine getting more clients (And getting paid more per client)… …because you REFUSED to Coach? It might sound crazy… …like I’m asking you to pull a ‘soup nazi’ on your coaching clients. But withholding coaching is critical if you want a … [Read more...]

Coaching Friends Without Losing The Friendship

Have you ever had a friend call you and ask you for help? Coaching help? And as hard as you try… …your coaching doesn’t work? Why didn’t your amazing coaching ‘work’ on your friend? It probably has nothing to do with… Your coaching skillsYour friend being ‘uncoachable’Your friend’s circumstances The reason I can say this with such confidence? The same thing happened to me… …and I’m no slouch with my coaching skills. A friend of mine, Amy, called me 2 weeks … [Read more...]

Sell Coaching Without Coercion

What’s the best way to sell coaching with integrity? You have to believe in the product. I used to sell coaching by “paying it forward”. Coaching gave me my own personal breakthroughs… ...and, in turn, I’d tell everyone how great coaching was… ...that coaching could make breakthroughs possible for them as well. But I started to have doubts… ...when my husband and I divorced after 19 years of marriage. I was supposed to be a coach… ...but I couldn’t even save my own … [Read more...]

The Five Fundamental Best Practices For Coaching

Every coach should be concerned with best practices for coaching. But, you ask, what is a best practice? Best practices are techniques and methods that have shown to be practical and effective when applied to specific coaching scenarios and contexts. The Five Fundamental Best Practices for Coaching Building Your Coaching Business Selecting a Winning Mix of Coaching Strategies Selecting the Right Coaching Media Client-centric Practice Measuring Success (and Failure) Building Your … [Read more...]

Best Practices For Coaching: Sale Delayed = Easily Made

One of the more important and Best practices for coaching is for you to get a handle on the fact that forcing a sale with an introvert can be the reason why you don’t make the sale at the end of your free coaching sessions and then you end up loosing out on hordes of great clients because you lack the knowhow of how to engage certain kinds of coaching prospects and you can’t seem to bring yourself to be able to slow down and walk away from your potential client to create the space for them to … [Read more...]