3 Steps to Successful Marketing for Life Coaches

Successful marketing for life coaches can seem like a mystery. But if you are ready to take action, follow these three steps to skyrocket your coaching business to super success. And skyrocket your sense of fulfillment and happiness, too! Step 1: Understand Yourself and Know Your Target Client Successful marketing for life coaches begins with understanding yourself and knowing your target client. When I say understand yourself, I mean: “What are you passionate about?” “What can you be a … [Read more...]

Personal Coach Jobs – Great Work If You Can Get It

To understand personal coach jobs, think of personal chiefs. You basically have one client who hires you to be there for them 24–7. Imagine working with a client who is so serious about getting your help that they make that kind of an arrangement. And while your prospect list might be short, everyone on it will, pretty much, be super rich. Here is how to make it happen, and also how to make it work. What It Takes to Be in the Running The first step to getting personal coach jobs is being … [Read more...]

Self Help Guru Suicide: Live with Something to Die For

When I heard about the self help guru suicide that happened last week in New York City – it was actually a double suicide – I thought about the irony that people, who specialized in encouraging others to live full and happy lives, would take their own. I also thought how this would be used by cynics as evidence that self help coaching is a sham. Then I thought back on the great work by Viktor Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning. And then I understood.   Meaning that Calls Us to … [Read more...]

Don’t Waste Time Getting a Life Coach Degree!

That’s right: don’t waste time getting a life coach degree. Look at the current state of coaching and the degree programs out there. You will quickly see that coaching has not evolved to the point where a degree gives you the most current and powerful knowledge in the field of coaching. That is unless what you are actually looking for is a degree in “counseling” or “psychology.” And if you do get such a degree, you probably should sign up for a certification program in coaching, so you will … [Read more...]

The Business and Practice of Coaching

Here are three easy steps to hit a homerun in the business and practice of coaching while most coaches are simply striking out. As with most professions, there is more to success than the practice of the profession, itself. That is, there is more to a successful medical practice than treating patients. And there is more to a successful coaching practice than coaching. Sorry. But that is just the way it is. Getting both the Business and Practice of Coaching Right Let’s save some time and … [Read more...]

How Much Is Life Coach Pay?

Life coach pay can be as much or as little as you can imagine. In this post we will look at why there is so much variability, and why your imagination is such a determining factor. We are talking about pay versus income because “life coach pay” is a phrase that a lot of people have searched for on the internet. But while “pay” is not a bad word to search for, it is important to remember that only a relatively small percentage of coaches are paid on an hourly or salary basis — as most other … [Read more...]

Job Coach Certification Can Be a Waste of Time

Job coach certification, like any coaching certification, can add to your credibility and set you apart from the competition. Since many job coaching opportunities lie with bigger companies providing out-placement services as part of a layoff package, certification may be necessary to get in the door. Certification can also be a waste of time. Here is why. Don’t Select a Program Because It Offers Certification Coaching is an unregulated profession. Because of this there really aren’t any … [Read more...]

Coaching Questions Bring Coaching Power

Using a well structured system of coaching questions can greatly increase your effectiveness as a coach. We have all heard the phrase: “He who asks the questions is in control of the conversation.” Besides giving control, questions also help you uncover issues that your client might not even be aware of. In addition, by answering your questions your client can give your message added credibility. Here’s how. Questions Give Control without Provoking Resistance When your client is answering … [Read more...]

How to Maximize Your Business Coaching Fees

Whether paying business coaching fees or buying a pump truck, your client should be thinking in terms of Return on Investment (ROI). That is “How much money do I get back, for every dollar I invest?” How much more money will I make in my business because I have that bigger dump truck? How much more money will I make in my business, because I am more accountable, or make better strategic decisions, or communicate more effectively – because of your business coaching? Here are some ideas on how to … [Read more...]

Make a Real Difference with Certified Life Coaching

Certified life coaching is a GREAT way to make a real difference in people’s lives! So much of what we do are “ad on’s” like our career. But life coaches deal with fundamentals. And let’s face it, until you get the foundation solid, anything you build on top of it really cannot be too stable. Here are three ways the life coach can make a profound difference for their clients. First, Get Their Balance Right People are wired to satisfy four fundamental needs. They are the need for certainty, … [Read more...]