3 Steps to Successful Marketing for Life Coaches

Successful marketing for life coaches can seem like a mystery. But if you are ready to take action, follow these three steps to skyrocket your coaching business to super success. And skyrocket your sense of fulfillment and happiness, too!

Step 1: Understand Yourself and Know Your Target Client

Successful marketing for life coaches begins with understanding yourself and knowing your target client. When I say understand yourself, I mean: “What are you passionate about?” “What can you be a world-class player at?” “What can you do that can have the biggest impact on others?” Then, just ask: “Who are those ‘others’ and what is the problem you can help them resolve. I am talking about the problem that wakes them up at night in a cold sweat? The fact is that you need to drill down until you get so specific and see them so clearly that you are literally the answer to their prayers. Once you do that, you are 98% of the way to success in marketing your coaching practice.

Step 2: Figure Out Where Your Target Clients Hangout

Once you have an HD, laser-sharp picture of your ideal target client, ask yourself: “Where are they hanging out right this very second?” “What questions are they asking and to whom are they asking them?” Once you have a clear idea of the answer to these questions, get off your butt and get there! By “get there” I mean: “What meetings do they attend?” “What magazines do they read?” “What websites do they frequent?” and “What searches do they make on the internet?” Then, of course, the trick to successful marketing for life coaches is to be there when they show up!

Step 3: When You Meet, Say Exactly the Right Things to Them

Whether it is in a speech, whitepaper, blog post, email or tweet, make sure that you actually say the right thing when you connect with your prospective client. What is the right thing? It is what they need to hear in words that will actually get through to them, which usually means to say it in their own word. If you do exactly that, your words will be familiar, go directly into their subconscious and be perceived as very credible. Once that happens, rather than hearing “Let me think about it” you will be hearing “Thank you Lord; this is the answer to that prayer I made when I could not sleep last night!”

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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  1. Hanna says

    Thanks for the very helpful advice on grow to help my coaching business. I am not a fan of marketing and this has been a struggle for me. Your advice has given me a path to follow. Thanks!

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