Job Coach Certification Can Be a Waste of Time

Job coach certification, like any coaching certification, can add to your credibility and set you apart from the competition. Since many job coaching opportunities lie with bigger companies providing out-placement services as part of a layoff package, certification may be necessary to get in the door. Certification can also be a waste of time. Here is why.

Don’t Select a Program Because It Offers Certification

Coaching is an unregulated profession. Because of this there really aren’t any officially accepted standards of excellence. While the International Coaching Federation is working hard to establish meaningful criteria, many unacknowledged coaching programs that do not offer certifications are excellent, and many programs that offer their own certifications are not good at all. Therefore, having uncertified training from a great program can be far more valuable than having a certificate from a poor program.

Judging Job Coach Certification Programs

Job coach certification is the frosting on the cake of a great coaches training program. As with all coaches training programs look for a robust offering heavily grounded in science. Also look for plenty of evaluated coaching and being coached. Don’t expect to work through hours of videos and come out a coach. This is particularly true in the area of job coaching where, in addition to coaching fundamentals, you need to understand the job market, what hiring managers are looking for, how to write great resumes and how to successfully handle job interviews. You owe it to your clients to really know your stuff, since you will often be working with them in a time of depression and intense stress.

Your Added Value Is Your Real Competitive Edge

Your added value goes beyond job coach certification and is your real competitive edge. Most job coaches help their clients survive a time of unemployment and hopefully help them find new jobs. Great job coach help their clients take maximum advantage this time to learn from their past experiences study where they will be most happy and successful – usually through assessments – and then help them define a new path that will lead them into a very bright future.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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  1. Jocelyn says

    I agree that coaching certification can be a waste of time if you do not make sure that you are getting into the right program. Also making sure that you know your job and being able to get this across your clients is what differentiates a good coach with a great coach.

  2. Karen says

    Coaching certification may help your career but being good at your job and being able to impart your knowledge to others is what really matters.

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