Personal Coach Jobs – Great Work If You Can Get It

To understand personal coach jobs, think of personal chiefs. You basically have one client who hires you to be there for them 24–7. Imagine working with a client who is so serious about getting your help that they make that kind of an arrangement. And while your prospect list might be short, everyone on it will, pretty much, be super rich. Here is how to make it happen, and also how to make it work.

What It Takes to Be in the Running

The first step to getting personal coach jobs is being good enough to qualify. You have to be absolutely committed to being a master “master coach”. We are way past certifications, here. You must combine a depth of knowledge and experience across a range of coaching disciplines including accountability, strategy, assessment coaching. An in depth knowledge of hypnotherapy and NLP are a must. And there has to be experience and practical knowledge in applying this expertise. After all, you will be the go-to coach, 24–7.

How to Identify Personal Coach Jobs

Although I might be wrong, I’m pretty sure that you are not going to find personal coach jobs listed on “Craig’s List” or in the employment section of your local paper. You also might not find them in the “Wall Street Journal” or the “Harvard Business Review.” Personal coaching prospects might be on “LinkedIn” but probably not in your circle of friends. So how do you find them? Ask the questions: “Who has my prospects now?” and “Where do my prospects hang-out?” A good place to start is at the tops of organization charts, on boards of trustees, and on the society pages of high-end regional magazines. First, identify your area of expertise so you have something to talk about if you manage a 30-second encounter. And second, start hanging out where they hang out. Or there is an easier way.

Grow Yourself while You Grow Your Clients

It is quite a leap to master “master coach,” let alone to boardrooms and private jets. So it might be better to ease your way into private coaching. Start by committing to a long term growth program to develop the expertise and experiences that we talked about earlier. Second, establish yourself as a highly visible expert by teaching, publishing and speaking publicly. Third, start acting like a personal coach with several clients using a combination of scheduled interactions and “on demand” sessions. Increase the level of these clients and the time you spend with each, while decreasing their number. As you go through this process, you might find that your ideal personal coaching practice includes a few of these clients, or you might end up working only with a single client exclusively as you ride with them in their private jet between London and New York.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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  1. says

    I just found your website. It is really exciting to see the work you are doing. As a executive life coach here in Atlanta, I’m always looking for resources to send my clients to. Thank you again for building this powerful community.

  2. Kazee says

    I agree that a personal coach job is great. Hard work and commitment is required. Finding clients who will hire you will not be that easy but by putting yourself “out there” by teaching, speaking in seminars and enrolling in master programs, you will reach the goal you are aiming for.

  3. Marlon says

    A personal coach is a job that requires commitment to your client’s goals 24/7. This is quite hard and getting the right clients to hire you is equally difficult, but by commitment and improvement in your craft you will be able to get as much clients that you can handle.

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