Job Coach Certification Can Be a Waste of Time

Job coach certification, like any coaching certification, can add to your credibility and set you apart from the competition. Since many job coaching opportunities lie with bigger companies providing out-placement services as part of a layoff package, certification may be necessary to get in the door. Certification can also be a waste of time. Here is why. Don’t Select a Program Because It Offers Certification Coaching is an unregulated profession. Because of this there really aren’t any … [Read more...]

Should I get a Job Coach Certification?

A job coach certification, also known as a career coach certification, is wildly popular in our current economy. Many coaches are focusing their studies and choosing to expand their businesses by getting a job coach certification. Is a Job Coach Certification Legally Regulated? No. You do not need a job coach certification to run a private coaching practice. The client will decide if they want a job coach certification included in their coach’s resume. The job coach certification process … [Read more...]