Coaching Tips – Using Guarantees to Increase Commitment

In these days of consumers’ rights, it might seem reasonable to offer guarantees in your coaching. But if you don’t handle them right, guarantees can significantly reduce your clients’ chances for success. Here are some coaching tips for increasing client commitment and therefore their chances for success. “Wiggle Room” Will Kill Your Coaching Results Successful coaching is built on absolute commitment to the coaching process from both the client and the coach. This process can include many … [Read more...]

Coaching Fees – Charging More for Shorter Engagements

It might seem reasonable for shorter coaching engagements to result in lower total coaching fees. But you need to remember that your clients hire you to help them to achieve breakthroughs and results. If you agree to coach a client to achieve certain goals in, say, three months that would normally take six months to achieve, it will require much more commitment and much more effort on their part and yours to achieve the goal in the shorter time period, and the client needs to compensate you … [Read more...]

Compelling Vision for Business Leadership Coaching | Image by INC

Business Leadership Coaching: Credibility Is Critical

In business leadership coaching you need to help your client strike a balance between stepping away from the day to day to have time to formulate a vision for the future, and staying involved enough to remain credible and aware in day to day events. This requirement to help your client to take a giant step into the future while keeping the other foot firmly in the present is the greatest challenge in this important area of coaching. Why Business Leaders Must Walk This Tightrope? Clearly … [Read more...]

Marketing for Coaches: Speak Up and Succeed!

When it comes to marketing for coaches it is easy to only think of the internet or networking. But one of the best ways to attract new clients is to get out of the audience and get on the stage. Speaking Proves You Are an Authority One of greatest benefits of public speaking is that people automatically see you as an authority. This means that your audience sets their skepticism aside and what you say goes straight into their subconscious. It also means that when you mention your coaching … [Read more...]

Coaching Fees: Justifying Fees with Intangibles

Setting and justifying coaching fees for business coaching can be much simpler than for personal coaching. In business, people are used to justifying decisions using return on investment calculations based on numbers from accounting. In our personal lives, many decisions are made by default, driven by emotions and often “against our better judgment.” But you can still justify your coaching fees based on intangibles. Here’s how. The Cost of Pain and the Benefits of Pleasure Every decision that … [Read more...]

Career Coaching Offers Great Opportunities in Today’s Economy

Career Coaching can help to defuse the “turnover time bomb” that exists in many companies today. According to the May 2010 issue of the Harvard Business Review, 25% of top employees intend to change companies as the economy improves. This turnover will cost companies millions of dollars in hard cash. Reducing turnover through effective coaching can mean great opportunities for coaches working in this area. How Career Coaching Can Reduce Turnover Employees, who are being career coached, have … [Read more...]