Make a Real Difference with Certified Life Coaching

Certified life coaching is a GREAT way to make a real difference in people’s lives! So much of what we do are “ad on’s” like our career. But life coaches deal with fundamentals. And let’s face it, until you get the foundation solid, anything you build on top of it really cannot be too stable. Here are three ways the life coach can make a profound difference for their clients. First, Get Their Balance Right People are wired to satisfy four fundamental needs. They are the need for certainty, … [Read more...]

Certified Life Coaching May be the Perfect Career For You!

Do you think certified life coaching is for someone else and not for you? Do you think you lack the skills to be a coach? Well, think again – certified life coaching might be the best career move you can make. You should know that you do not have to be certified to start coaching. That’s right, you can begin coaching without any type of certification. Just hang out a sign, put a classified ad online and call yourself a coach. Why Get a Coaching Certification? Just as people go to school to … [Read more...]