Don’t Waste Time Getting a Life Coach Degree!

That’s right: don’t waste time getting a life coach degree. Look at the current state of coaching and the degree programs out there. You will quickly see that coaching has not evolved to the point where a degree gives you the most current and powerful knowledge in the field of coaching. That is unless what you are actually looking for is a degree in “counseling” or “psychology.” And if you do get such a degree, you probably should sign up for a certification program in coaching, so you will … [Read more...]

How to Become a Success Coach: What You Need More than a Life Coach Degree

If you want to become a success coach you’ll need a lot more than a life coach degree. You may be thinking, what could be more important than a life coach degree? But it is your beliefs that supply the foundation for success. They are passive memory; the instruction manual for how you operate. Therefore, it follows that to become a success coach, you will need to make sure your beliefs support you. The Importance of Your Beliefs When You Become a Success Coach How do beliefs dictate the … [Read more...]