Is Personality Coaching a Part of Life Coaching?

Life coaching is about helping clients achieve their goals and dreams by asking questions and helping create a road map to these goals, but can it also be about personality coaching? As a life coach, are you also a personality coach? Do you delve into personality traits and attempt to analyze, dissect, and correct them? What is Personality Coaching? Coaching someone's personality is mostly about giving feedback and then offering suggestions to help a client, for lack of better words, … [Read more...]

Make Money and Do Lots of Good – Be a Wealth Coach

You might think that being a wealth coach would put you squarely in the ranks of the greedy bloodsuckers, but nothing could be further from the truth. All you need to do is look at the pain, suffering and poverty all around us to see that there is a pressing need for knowledgeable and effective coaching on the subject of wealth. The stress caused by the current situation is destroying families and putting many people into early graves. By filling this need you will be doing a lot of … [Read more...]

Coaching and Leadership – A Perfect Match

Coaching and leadership go hand in hand. Does this mean that all coaches need to be leaders, or that all leaders could be good coaches? When we think of leaders in our sports-crazed culture, we often have images of a gruff old-school coach yelling at his players from the sidelines. Vince Lombardi comes to mind for us old guys. Or, we think of the Zen-like Phil Jackson on the Lakers' sidelines, dispensing quiet words of wisdom to his million-dollar players. However, these are not the … [Read more...]

Creating My Personal Weight Loss Coach

If I had a personal weight loss coach, and I'm not admitting that I need one, my personal weight loss coach would combine many traits and have a variety of different skills. So, assuming I did need to drop a few pounds, and assuming I could build the ideal coach, what would I create? Weight Loss Coaching Works! A pilot project conducted by the Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center at Miriam Hospital in Rhode Island found that people assigned a health coach (a real coach or another … [Read more...]

Five Great Wellness Careers

Health and exercise jobs are in great demand and there are few outstanding choices for individuals seeking to make their mark in wellness careers. With baby-boomers aging, the need for all types of workers in the health care and fitness fields will continue to grow. Add to these aging baby-boomers, the fact that we live in a fast food and video game culture and our children are increasingly obese and unhealthy. This creates a perfect storm of need for fitness and health-minded people who want to … [Read more...]

How to Become a Strength Coach?

How to become a strength coach? How to become a business coach? How to become a weight loss coach? These and many more questions ask how to become a strategy coach? Strategy coaching combines transformational coaching methods with specialized knowledge that address the needs of a specific market niche. We will use the example of strength coaching to illustrate our point.   What Are Transformational Coaching Methods? Transformational coaching methods empower the coach to identify … [Read more...]

Experience + University Courses = Executive Coaching

Starting a coaching career and thinking of taking university courses: executive coaching requires much more training than that! Executive coaching is near the pinnacle of the coaching industry and usually requires several years of experience in the corporate world and many coaching classes and university courses. Executive coaching is high-end coaching and is generally not suitable for the recent college graduate who lacks business and managerial experience. If you are in college and your dream … [Read more...]

Mental Health Coaching – 10 Steps to a Better Attitude

Mental health coaching is a niche of the coaching field that borders on therapy. Though a mental health coach is not a therapist and does not treat mental disorders, good coaches can help their clients see the world in a new way, turn pessimism into optimism, and think with a glass-half-full attitude instead of a glass half-empty attitude. Mental Health Coaching Works Though people with mental disorders or conditions need a trained therapist, there are many people who merely need to alter … [Read more...]

Life Coach Relationship Training Homework – What’s it All Mean?

Life coach relationship training homework is a mouthful of words and a grammatically incorrect sentence. However, if we analyze the words and break it down, we will understand the connection between all the words in “life coach relationship training homework.” What's it all Mean - Life Coach Relationship Training Homework? This jumble of words can actually be one of the keys to succeeding and prospering as a life coach. There is a relationship between these words - let's analyze it and see … [Read more...]

For Success Coaching, Go Back to the Classics

For success coaching, there is perhaps no one more famous than Stephen Covey. In about 1990, I had the opportunity to spend a day with him. I was working for HP and Stephen had agreed to personally kickoff a 7 Habits implementation program that his organization was doing for my group. The most important lesson that I learned that day was not about the 7 Habits, but that for success coaching, you must go back to the classic teachings. Where Did the 7 Habits Originate? In conversation, Stephen … [Read more...]