Creating My Personal Weight Loss Coach

If I had a personal weight loss coach, and I’m not admitting that I need one, my personal weight loss coach would combine many traits and have a variety of different skills. So, assuming I did need to drop a few pounds, and assuming I could build the ideal coach, what would I create?

Weight Loss Coaching Works!

A pilot project conducted by the Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center at Miriam Hospital in Rhode Island found that people assigned a health coach (a real coach or another member of the study), lost more weight than those not assigned one. These were only preliminary results, but it does say something about having someone helping you along the way. If a friend can do the job, great. However, if want a professional to help you, a weight loss coach can be the perfect answer to your dieting questions.

My Personal Weight Loss Coach

In my laboratory, I am building the perfect coach to help me lose weight and get into shape. My first decision would be to have someone who also has to struggle with weight. Why would I want some skinny guy or gal who can eat french fries all day and not gain weight, to be my coach? I want someone who knows for first-hand experience what it is like to limit calories, fluctuate in weight, and to put on clothes that have become just a little too tight. This is the type of person I want coaching me!

My Coach My Friend

The next part of the creation would be to make this coach someone who can act like a friend. No, we don’t have to go out for a few beers after our session, but a friendly, less strict relationship will allow for a greater exchange of information and a certain casualness that may make out coach/client relationship seem more like friend helping friend relationship.

Someone to Move Me

My personal weight loss coach would also recognize that exercise is on equal par with diet and nutrition. With exercise, they would be creative, knowledgeable, and able to teach me knew ways to lose weight through movement.

Not Your Father’s Food and Nutrition

I believe that the medical profession lags behind when it comes to advances in supplements. However, there is so much hype out there when it comes to vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other natural supplements, that it is difficult to tell what works, from what might work, from what is a load of crap. My personal weight loss coach would be knowledgeable in cutting-edge supplements and believe that we have many substances, in addition to our food, which can help us lose weight, stay healthy, and delay the aging process.

If my personal weight loss coach had these few very important characteristics, I would hire her, or him. Now, if she turned out to be a beautiful woman with super-model looks, that may motivate me to lose weight as quickly as possible. But, my wife may take exception to that so I just mix it up in my lab and see what happens.

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  2. Hanna says

    I used to be fat but with the help of my personal coach I loose a lot of weight and now very happy with my healthy body.

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