Five Great Wellness Careers

Health and exercise jobs are in great demand and there are few outstanding choices for individuals seeking to make their mark in wellness careers. With baby-boomers aging, the need for all types of workers in the health care and fitness fields will continue to grow. Add to these aging baby-boomers, the fact that we live in a fast food and video game culture and our children are increasingly obese and unhealthy. This creates a perfect storm of need for fitness and health-minded people who want to start a career that offers good job security, decent pay, and an opportunity to help others become healthy and fit.

There are many niches in the wellness career category – all of them have the potential to be personally and financially rewarding. Here are five wellness careers that are sure to be in demand and will provide a chance to earn a good living while also staying healthy.

Five Great Wellness Careers

Wellness Coach

Coaching is an awesome opportunity to help others achieve their goals and dreams. As a wellness coach, you will be working with individuals who want to improve their health and fitness. You will generally not deal with people who have eating disorders or other types of problems – leave these to counselors and those in the medical profession. Your clients will be people who want to improve their fitness levels, learn more about exercise, improve their fitness and eating habits, and those who generally want to slow down the aging process and feel more energetic. Being a wellness coach is one of the best wellness careers because it is both a dynamic and has the potential for financial success.

Personal Trainer

Personal trainers work one-on-one with individuals to help them get in better shape. They work with clients to improve fitness habits, implement exercise routines, understand how the body reacts to exercise, and increase their fitness capacity. Personal trainers usually work for themselves, but sometimes they work with gyms or corporations.

Exercise Instructor

Careers as an exercise instructor work best if combined with some other type of career in the health industry or if it includes finding ways to create passive income. Exercise instructors lead group classes in many different types of exercise, including pilates, yoga, Tai chi, karate, and more. Teaching these classes while being a personal instructor is a great way to boost your income. You can also create exercise plans and sell videos, DVDs, and books – these create additional streams of income. You have probably seen many of these programs advertised on TV – if they can do it, you can too!

Nutrition Counselor

With aging baby boomers attempting to delay the aging process, and young people trying to throw off the shackles of excessive weight in a fast-food culture, nutrition counseling has become a hot career. Nutrition counselors can help people understand food and diet, and show them ways to improve their eating habits.

Teacher or Educator

This one is not often considered when searching wellness careers, but it is another path to take in the health field. There are government and public health education jobs providing information on general wellness, hygiene, children’s nutrition, and avoiding and caring for communicable diseases.

An abundance of wellness careers exist and the pool of jobs and opportunities will continue to grow. The sheer numbers of baby boomers entering old age, the vast numbers of obese children, and the push from many individuals to get healthy, will drive the demand in this field for many years to come.

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  1. Karen says

    I want the exercise instructor the best. I really love to exercise and always want to try different things. As diabetic person, exercise and proper diet is highly recommended.

  2. Natalie says

    Nutrition counselor is really needed this time. People now a days are too busy to prepare healthy foods. Majority are so dependent with fast food restaurant and microwavable foods. With the help of nutrition counselor people will fully understand the importance of table foods.

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