Coaching and Leadership – A Perfect Match

Coaching and leadership go hand in hand. Does this mean that all coaches need to be leaders, or that all leaders could be good coaches? When we think of leaders in our sports-crazed culture, we often have images of a gruff old-school coach yelling at his players from the sidelines. Vince Lombardi comes to mind for us old guys. Or, we think of the Zen-like Phil Jackson on the Lakers' sidelines, dispensing quiet words of wisdom to his million-dollar players. However, these are not the … [Read more...]

Coaching and Leadership: What’s the Difference?

Coaching and leadership are skills required of anyone who wants to make a big impact in this world. Leadership involves developing a compelling vision of the future, and sharing that vision in a way that draws followers who become dedicated to turning the vision into a reality. Coaching involves gaining insights into what makes individuals and groups do what they do. It also involves working with people to help them breakthrough barriers that hold them back from achieving their own goals and the … [Read more...]