Life Coach Relationship Training Homework – What’s it All Mean?

Life coach relationship training homework is a mouthful of words and a grammatically incorrect sentence. However, if we analyze the words and break it down, we will understand the connection between all the words in “life coach relationship training homework.”

What’s it all Mean – Life Coach Relationship Training Homework?

This jumble of words can actually be one of the keys to succeeding and prospering as a life coach. There is a relationship between these words – let’s analyze it and see what we can figure out.


Life is everything. Career, relationships, activities, hobbies, sports, appearance, health, and fitness, A life coach can help with any aspect of a client’s life. A life coach does it all!


Coach is a general term that covers everything from those who coach sports teams to individuals who work with corporate executives. A coach is a leader, an organizer, and a teacher.

Life Coach

Combining the first two terms we get – life coach. Life coaches are well-rounded, versed in many techniques and skills, and knowledgeable in many different areas. Life coaching is a comprehensive field that can delve into and nurture any part of human existence.


This is the middle word in the phrase, “life coach relationship training homework.” As the middle word it works as the connection between the first two words and the last two words. According to Merriam-Webster, one of the definitions of a “relationship” is “the relation connecting or binding participants in a relationship.”


Everyone knows what training means, right? For coaches, this means the coaching program they attend, the seminars and extra courses they take, and all their continuing education after they enter the coaching field.


High school students know what homework is, but all coaches should have an unambiguous definition of homework. Homework is all the extra work you do outside your coaching program that will make you a better coach. This includes studying during courses, studying for exams, and everything else. Everything else includes the books you read, the articles you peruse, the websites you look at, and anything and everything you do that pertains to coaching.
Life Coaching Relationship Training Homework – the Connection.

You cannot be a life coach without training. You will not be a successful life coach without homework. There is a direct relationship between life coaching and the training and homework needed to be successful and prosperous in a life coaching career.

Life Coach Relationship Training Homework – the Answer

  1. Look at LIFE as a journey with many twists and turns, These twists and turns offer lessons and opportunities. If you understand this about life, you can help your clients find their own lessons and opportunities.
  2. Be a COACH who sets high standards in life and coaching while asking the same of your clients.
  3. Understand the RELATIONSHIP between being a valuable life coach and the necessary training and homework.
  4. Get the best TRAINING and you have the chance to become the best life coach.
  5. Your training doesn’t end when you become a coach and your HOMEWORK never ends. A great coach will have have a thirst for knowledge and will also be interested in learning new and effective ways to become an even better coach.

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  1. Katrina says

    I am very impressed on how you wrote this article. Continuous training and being interested to acquire knowledge will make you a better and successful coach.

  2. Natalie says

    A coach job is very interesting and challenging. They help a lot of people in different ways. Good training and life experience makes you a good coach. Thanks Fred for sharing a very informative article.

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