There’s a Bright Future for Wellness Careers

With all the aging baby boomers and the rise of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and cardio-vascular issues, wellness careers will be hot and stay hot well into the future. If you are looking for a career, or looking to change careers, wellness just might be your ticket! 5 Best Career Options in the Health and Wellness Field From perusing the Internet and researching various list and expert articles, here are the top 5 career options in the wellness field: Public health … [Read more...]

Five Great Wellness Careers

Health and exercise jobs are in great demand and there are few outstanding choices for individuals seeking to make their mark in wellness careers. With baby-boomers aging, the need for all types of workers in the health care and fitness fields will continue to grow. Add to these aging baby-boomers, the fact that we live in a fast food and video game culture and our children are increasingly obese and unhealthy. This creates a perfect storm of need for fitness and health-minded people who want to … [Read more...]

Wellness Careers and Coaching: How the Antidote to Rationalizing Can Boost Your Wellness Coaching Career

Wellness careers are often challenging because people rationalize why they can’t do the right thing. From quitting smoking to starting an exercise program there’s always a reason it can’t be done. Wellness coaching can be the key to helping people overcome obstacles to success, and the reason people get involved in wellness careers is to make a difference. So what are the magic wellness coaching antidotes to get people on track? Wellness Coaching Key #1: Honesty The key to successfully … [Read more...]