Is Personality Coaching a Part of Life Coaching?

Life coaching is about helping clients achieve their goals and dreams by asking questions and helping create a road map to these goals, but can it also be about personality coaching? As a life coach, are you also a personality coach? Do you delve into personality traits and attempt to analyze, dissect, and correct them? What is Personality Coaching? Coaching someone's personality is mostly about giving feedback and then offering suggestions to help a client, for lack of better words, … [Read more...]

How Does Personality Coaching work? I am Who I am! Right?

Personality Coaching, huh? I don’t know, are you who you say you are? Who’s on first? If “I am” is on third and “you” are on second, then where am “I”? Before we decide if you simply are who you and how a personality coach works, let us explore what personality is. Who, What, When, Where and Why Personality? The who, is YOU. Personality is defined as the visible aspect of your character as it impresses others. Your personality is an embodiment of a collection of your unique qualities. It … [Read more...]