Dude, Where’s My Life Coaching Client?

Sooner or later in your life coaching career you will face the problem of a no-show client. It's one of those events that is super frustrating. First, you feel you are wasting precious time that might have been scheduled for someone else. Second, you feel you are not being respected. And third, if you are anything like I used to be, you might feel how I used to feel--uncomfortable about taking someone's money without providing them with the agreed service. 5 Techniques For Managing Life … [Read more...]

Become A Coach Clients Flock To By Always Having This

If you had to pick one quality or virtue you must have when you become a coach, what would you pick? Would it be honesty? Compassion? Business savvy? Well, for me the one indispensable quality is integrity. Without it, the services of the most knowledgeable, compassionate guru coach in the world will just make you feel like you need to take a shower. So What Is Integrity Really? Integrity comes from the Latin word for wholeness or completeness. It has several meanings, including acting … [Read more...]

How To Kill Your Coaching Practice With Just 2 Words

When you started your coaching practice, I bet you wanted it to succeed big time, right? How's it doing? Are you drawing the clients you anticipated? Are you bringing in enough income to leave your full time soul-sucking job? No? Well, check your vocabulary. See if you are using “killer” language, in the good sense of the word, or if you are killing your practice by using words that tell your mind you really don't intend to succeed. Trying Doesn't Lead To Success In Your Coaching … [Read more...]

Business Leadership Coaching: Moving Clients into Leadership

In business leadership coaching, there may be no more important contribution than to help a good manager become a good leader. Leadership is about achieving the vision. Management is about maintaining proper controls. We Don’t All Get to Be the King That is to say that everyone doesn’t get to create THE vision. But at each level, the role of the leader is to translate THE vision into a supporting vision that defines how that team will contribute to the overall vision. As the business … [Read more...]

Marketing for Coaches: Who’s Got Your Prospect?

Once you have a clear picture of your target client, marketing for coaches dictates that you figure out where those prospective clients are right now. They are someone’s client. They belong to some group. They subscribe to some magazine or journal. Your Prospective Clients Are Not New to the Planet Your target prospects have a lot of things in common. From your picture of them, you can figure out what some of those things are. The trick is to put yourself into your prospects’ shoes. Close your … [Read more...]

Coaching Fees: Justifying Your Fees Based on Return on Investment

Sometimes prospective clients pushback on your coaching fees because they are not clear what value they can expect to receive for their investment in your coaching. So it is important, particularly in business coaching, to know how to quantify the return on investment (ROI) that your client can expect. Quantify the Benefits Your Client Can Expect from Coaching In general, the coach’s role is to help their clients improve some aspect of their lives. This can be the client’s professional … [Read more...]

Caution: New Clients May Not Know Coaching Slang

As a coach, you are no doubt familiar with a lot of coaching slang and jargon. We use terms like transformation and mindset without a second thought because they are part of our everyday coaching world. But when someone new comes into that coaching world, do they know our jargon? Usually not, and if you assume that they do, you set yourself up for failing that client or potential client. The Downside of Using Coaching Slang Have you ever had the experience of going to the doctor and getting … [Read more...]

The 3 Worst Things About Becoming A Coach

Becoming a coach is a popular option for a lot of people in the current economy. And being a coach has a lot of great benefits. You can make a living doing something you love. You have a chance of being the next Jack Canfield. Maybe you just really want to help people with some problem you've already conquered in your own life. Whatever benefits you are looking for, there are some things you should know about what it can be like becoming a coach that are not so positive. Isolation Can Be A … [Read more...]

Business Leadership Coaching: Why Exactly Are We Here?

In business leadership coaching, helping your client answer this fundamental question – “Why exactly are we here?” – is one of the most valuable bits of leadership coaching that you can provide. This might not seem necessary, but businesses often lose their sense of direction and forget the answer to this question. This can lead to bad decisions, unhappy employees, dissatisfied customers and financial losses. Mission Statements Should Provide a Cause and Consistency A business’s mission … [Read more...]

Marketing for Coaches: Are you being filtered out?

Marketing for coaches must begin with answering this question: “Who exactly is my target client?” The reason is that everything you do to define your service offering, position yourself, and market your practice depends on exactly who you are targeting as your client. It is very tempting to think that the broader the definition of your target, the more clients you will have, but just the opposite is true. Don’t be Filtered Out by Your Target Client Casting a wider net doesn’t bring you a … [Read more...]