How To Kill Your Coaching Practice With Just 2 Words

When you started your coaching practice, I bet you wanted it to succeed big time, right? How’s it doing? Are you drawing the clients you anticipated? Are you bringing in enough income to leave your full time soul-sucking job? No? Well, check your vocabulary. See if you are using “killer” language, in the good sense of the word, or if you are killing your practice by using words that tell your mind you really don’t intend to succeed.

Trying Doesn’t Lead To Success In Your Coaching Practice

Listen to how you speak about your business. How often do you say you are ‘”trying” to build your practice? How many things on your to do list did you “try” to get to, but you just didn’t manage to do? Have you ever seen the a certain guru’s video where he asks someone he’s coaching to try to pick up a chair? She can’t do it. She can either pick up the chair or not pick up the chair. But there is no way to “try” to pick up the chair. When you tell yourself or others that you are trying to build your coaching practice, or trying to get x number of clients, what you are really saying is that those things won’t happen. Or more clearly, that you aren’t committed to making them happen. Trying means failing. Pretend that you are at the seminar I went to recently where saying the word “try” cost $10 and 10 push-ups. You’ll immediately raise your commitment to actually achieving what you need to achieve.

Can’t Is Another Weakling Word

Millionaire marketing coach Kelly O’Neil describes “can’t” as three year old language. Gurus and high achievers don’t allow themselves the luxury of can’t. They always find a way to do the things they want to do and need to do to further their business. You need to have that same commitment and express it in your language. In your coach practice, there will be times when you choose not to do some particular thing because it doesn’t serve you or because someone else can do it better. That puts you in a position of power. If you “can’t” do it, however, you are giving up your power and acknowledging your weakness.

You obviously want your coaching practice to succeed and become a successful, lucrative helping business. Make sure your language supports you in that goal.

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Dorine G. Kramer
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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