The 3 Worst Things About Becoming A Coach

Becoming a coach is a popular option for a lot of people in the current economy. And being a coach has a lot of great benefits. You can make a living doing something you love. You have a chance of being the next Jack Canfield. Maybe you just really want to help people with some problem you’ve already conquered in your own life. Whatever benefits you are looking for, there are some things you should know about what it can be like becoming a coach that are not so positive.

Isolation Can Be A Problem

Most coaches work from home or a private office, and many do one on one sessions for hours every day. Obviously there are advantages to this arrangement. You save money, you save on transportation time, etc. etc. But you can start to feel lonely and isolated when you become a coach without contact with colleagues.

The solution is to find a professional organization, a mastermind group or even a meet-up and get in communication with other coaches. That is one of the big advantages of becoming a coach through training with JTS Advisors. You train with a group and many of the group, as well as your mentors, become your friends and colleagues for support and masterminding after the training. When you consider training options, look to see how you will be connected with other coaches.

Becoming A Coach Involves Hard Work

At least it involves hard work if you want to make your coaching into a successful business. When you find your coaching hobby becoming more of a business, you will have to put in the time and effort to actually do the things a business needs to be successful. That means you will need to keep books, possibly hire staff, have systematized legal documentation and contracts, and do all the other bits and pieces that keep a business going. Unless you are coaching as a hobby for free, there is going to be more for you to do than just the fun part of coaching itself.

The Coaching Business Includes Marketing And Sales

If becoming a coach is your plan for your new business, you must learn the skills of marketing and sales, and for many coaches, this is one of the worst parts of coaching. The truth is, though, that without marketing, you won’t be able to get prospects on the phone with you for the complimentary sessions which are our main way of getting clients. Without selling, you won’t convert many of those prospects into clients. While challenging to many coaches, both marketing and sales are learned skills. The key is to truly know and believe that you are offering a valuable service that helps people. Master sales trainer Eric Lofholm says “sales is service.” That’s your starting point for changing your mindset.

So what do you think? Still want to be a coach? If so, check out JTS Advisors Master Coach University, where all these issues are addressed. But wherever you choose, make sure they offer you solutions to the 3 worst problems of becoming a coach.

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Dorine G Kramer
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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