Business Leadership Coaching: Moving Clients into Leadership

In business leadership coaching, there may be no more important contribution than to help a good manager become a good leader. Leadership is about achieving the vision. Management is about maintaining proper controls.

We Don’t All Get to Be the King

That is to say that everyone doesn’t get to create THE vision. But at each level, the role of the leader is to translate THE vision into a supporting vision that defines how that team will contribute to the overall vision. As the business leadership coach, you need to help each leader develop that supporting vision, and then help to insure that all the visions add up to the grad vision.

Why Leaders Are Excited and Managers Are Nervous

The main job of the manager is to maintain control. The main job of leaders is to inspire. So if managers should do more leading, they must be doing less controlling. The tension that this causes is one of the main dilemmas for managers.

In business leadership coaching, you need to help the manager to understand that there is a two step answer. First, delegate responsibility for quality to individual contributors. Second, establish procedures and systems that will monitor and improve quality. The result is a greater sense of ownership and pride on the part of the workers, and little risk of problems since the systems are in place to help maintain control.

The Real Payoff of Business Leadership Coaching

In business leadership coaching the real payoff is to show each employee – executive, manager and individual contributor – how they can be part of moving from the current situation to being part of the future vision. This is the ultimate motivator. And it is the ultimate compensation. To be part of something great – in the making.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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