Marketing for Coaches: Are you being filtered out?

Marketing for coaches must begin with answering this question: “Who exactly is my target client?” The reason is that everything you do to define your service offering, position yourself, and market your practice depends on exactly who you are targeting as your client. It is very tempting to think that the broader the definition of your target, the more clients you will have, but just the opposite is true.

Don’t be Filtered Out by Your Target Client

Casting a wider net doesn’t bring you a bigger catch. This is because people are completely overloaded today. Unless your marketing message resonates with a person and clearly offers a solution to a very important need that they have, they won’t even know that they saw it. This is because a person’s reticular activator is programmed to watch for solutions to pressing problems and filter out everything else.

What Makes a Good Target Client?

There are several factors that make someone a good target client for you. Your target client must score high in each of these areas:

1. They must have a pressing need.
2. They must be aware of it.
3. They must really want to solve their problem.
4. They must not be aware of a lot of alternative solutions.
5. Your coaching must offer a real solution to their pressing need.
6. You must be able to characterize them so you can identify them.
7. You must be able to reach them with a clear message.
8. They must be willing and able to pay for your coaching.

This is quite a list. But imagine how easy marketing for coaches would be if each of these elements were present.

Many coaches say “I am a wonderful coach who just wants to help lots of people, so why do I have to do that marketing stuff?” Unfortunately the world doesn’t work that way. Marketing for coaches begins with identifying your target client, and ends with a full practice of very happy clients. Marketing for each coach is worth the time and effort.

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Dave Iuppa
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