Coaching Fees: The Easiest Way to Go Broke in Coaching!

When figuring coaching fees, it is easy to think that price is the basis your prospective client uses in selecting you as their coach. If the prospect pushes back and says “your fees are too high” it is tempting to just lower your proposed fees to get the engagement. Don’t do it. Don’t think of your coaching as a commodity. That is the easiest way to go broke in coaching. What’s a Commodity, and Why You Don’t Want to Be One Webster’s defines a commodity as “a good or service whose wide … [Read more...]

Relationship Coach Training Tools: Stop The Stress

Relationship coach training doesn't provide you the tools to save or repair every relationship. No kind of training can do that. But one of the things it should give you is some tools you can teach your clients so they can manage their own emotions during stressful times in their relationship. Recently I coached someone who was so stressed by her marriage that she completely forgot several appointments she had scheduled, including our coaching appointment. Here are some of the tools I taught … [Read more...]

3 Keys To Life Success Coaching For Procrastinators

Procrastination is often an issue during life success coaching. A client may come into coaching because she is unhappy with the level of success she is achieving. Or maybe, her life isn't as fulfilling as she would like. Perhaps she has a plan for a business she wants to start or a weight loss goal that she just can't seem to get off the ground. Procrastination is often to blame and may be the “presenting complaint”, as they say in the medical profession. Procrastination Can Be Related To … [Read more...]

The Triple S Plan To Boost Your Life Coaching Income

Is your life coaching income enough? Can you afford to make coaching your full-time profession, or do you have to stick with another job to pay your bills? If coaching is meaningful in your life, you know it is critical to maximize the income that your coaching brings you so that you can comfortably go on doing it. The triple S plan will supercharge your productivity and in consequence, your income. Systematize All You Can Setting up systems for everything you do repetitively will increase … [Read more...]

Tips for Group Coaching Success

Group coaching is one of the best ways to leverage your coaching time and energy. It's a one to many strategy rather than a one to one strategy, which means that you get paid by many (hopefully) clients for presenting your content and coaching only once. Your Group Coaching Strategy As a group coach, you need to plan your calls in advance. What exactly is the purpose of the calls?. Do you want to provide information and content on all the calls, some of the calls, before the calls? Is there a … [Read more...]

Business Leadership Coaching: Maximize Your Impact and Profits

Business leadership coaching is one way to help get our economy moving again. Executives and entrepreneurs are stunned. They have lost their confidence. They are waiting for someone to snap them back into action. That someone can be YOU. Three Steps to Business Leadership When you are coaching business leadership, you are helping your client formulate a compelling vision, communicate that vision, and live that vision. As a business leadership coach, you must help your client to set aside … [Read more...]

Success Coaching and the Inner Game

Success coaching must address the three factors that govern our success in any contest, whether in business or in athletics. They are the Inner Game, the Outer Game and Action. The Three Factors that Lead to Success or Failure The term Inner Game refers to “what goes on in our heads” or our belief systems about ourselves and the contest in which we are engaged. Outer Game refers to those things outside of our belief systems. This includes our physical condition, skills and knowledge of the … [Read more...]

One Skill You Must Have To Build A Coaching Practice

Building a coaching practice requires many skills, but one in particular you really can't do without. That one is the ability to build rapport. Have you ever met someone new and just had the feeling that you were “in sync” with them or “on the same wavelength?” That's rapport and it serves you in several ways in building your practice. Who You Need To Be To Build Your Coaching Practice In order to succeed in the business of coaching, you obviously must have clients. And whether or not you like … [Read more...]

Business Success Coaching: The Communication Illusion

In business success coaching, how important do you believe it is to improve your client's communication skills? Take my word for it, it's critical for the success of every business. If you are a business success coach, convey these 3 keys to your clients, and you won't have long to wait for some great testimonials on the improvements in their productivity and business success. 3 Keys To Communication Your Business Success Coaching Clients Must Learn 1. Be totally clear in your communication … [Read more...]

Inner Game Coaching From Harry Potter’s Mentor

Inner game coaching isn't something that most clients know they need when they first come to a coach. A client often gets into coaching because he has some goal or another that he just can't seem to accomplish. Or maybe she is just unhappy about something or someone in her life. Wherever the client may think the blame lies, as his coach, you need to know the same things that Professor Dumbledore knew: one, that your client created his own worst enemy, and two, how to defeat that enemy. Creating … [Read more...]