5 Life Coach Tips For Creating An Outstanding New Year

If you want your life coaching clients get off to a great start for the New Year, you’ll want life coach tips that are specifically designed for this transitional season. With all that is fresh and new, it makes sense to have some powerful tips get your clients moving toward their dreams. Here are my top 5 tips. Life Coach Tips To Make A Difference In 2011 1. Ask your clients what was great about 2010 and celebrate their wins. As their coach, you’ll want to find out what they want more of or … [Read more...]

The Business And Practice Of Coaching CAN Work For You!

You want to make the business and practice of coaching your life's work, right? You've done coach's training. You've actually coached people. You've made great strides in the practice part of your coaching career. But how about the business side? Have you begun planning that out in a serious way? What do you need to do in the next week, month, year? And how will you see to it that you do those things? Every Business Requires A Vision In many ways, the business and practice of coaching is no … [Read more...]

Taking Your Life Coaching Career To New Heights in 2011

If you want more out of your life coaching career in 2011 than you had in 2010, you need to grow. As Calvin Coolidge said, “All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.” At the start of a journey, you usually have support. Think about the early world explorers or space shuttle launches. After the launch or send off, however, comes the long lonely process. That is where the challenges and obstacles come up. This same … [Read more...]

3 Distinctions On The Psychology Of Coaching

The psychology of coaching is what we life coaches use to help our clients. To be more specific, the psychology of coaching is all about the mental states and processes at work in the human mind. In our profession, we often talk about mastering our psychology, and teaching our clients to master theirs. That is perhaps the biggest distinction between the psychology of coaches and that of other helping professionals, and that is the first distinction we'll discuss. Why The Fuss About Mastering … [Read more...]

Best Coaching Practices: Finding Fulfillment

Some of the best coaching practices are the simplest. One of the greatest challenges in coaching is that clients often let their own fears get the best of them. Sometimes their goals seem so far from what is possible, they aren’t able to get started. If you incorporate finding ways to help your clients see progress as part of your coaching practices, you will improve the odds of success greatly. The Problem With Goals Goals are not actually the problem. It’s how most people relate to goals. … [Read more...]

The Simple Psychology Of Coaching

The psychology of coaching is much more than motivational ‘Ra-Ra’. It’s about finding out what really drives people into taking action above and beyond what most people would take. Why does it appear so easy for some people to take action where others struggle? Are they so much smarter? Most of the time it comes down to motivation. It takes no more energy to watch television than to sit at the computer and work on making a difference in the world. The Psychology of Coaching Is About Helping … [Read more...]

Online Marketing For Coaches: The 3 Step Sales Process

Marketing for coaches is like cleaning the cat’s litter box. No one wants to do it, but is has to be done. Most coaches make marketing to be something much worse than it actually is. There is actually a simple marketing strategy that you can use even if you only have a couple hundred people in your database. Even with numbers smaller than that, you can leverage social media to get new clients through a sales launch. A launch is nothing more than a strategy to warm up your clients so they want to … [Read more...]

Is Exotic Travel A Model For Life Success Coaching?

It isn't immediately obvious what life success coaching and exotic travel have in common. But really, take my word for it, they do have some commonalities. I've done quite a lot of both, so here is my take on 3 approaches to increase the success and pleasure of these 2 very different life activities. Life Success Coaching Works Best With Full Immersion When I traveled to Bali years ago, I stayed in a type of hotel called a homestay. It was a modest hotel with an entirely Indonesian clientele, … [Read more...]

Coaching Tips For Success Outside Your Niche

The best coaching tips on how to coach outside your niche are simple. If your coaching style leans more toward the consultant model, you may have some difficulty working with clients outside your niche. On the other hand, you may hold the coach's philosophy that says your job as a coach is about asking the right questions. That way your client can find his own answers and you don't need such in depth knowledge about the niche. In either case, you will find these coaching tips very helpful when … [Read more...]

Coaching Strategy When You’re Clients’ Say They’re ‘Fried’

Before you can implement this coaching strategy you really have to understand what your clients mean when they say they’re ‘fried.’ It’s a metaphor. Imagine that your coaching clients are sizzling in a frying pan, when suddenly they start getting burned. They run out of fuel, get dried up, and nothing is left. If you look for a strategy to help them get through the symptoms of being burnt out, you will be missing the boat. The REAL Problem Is Not That They Are Burnt Out The real issue is that … [Read more...]