Best Coaching Practices: Finding Fulfillment

Some of the best coaching practices are the simplest. One of the greatest challenges in coaching is that clients often let their own fears get the best of them. Sometimes their goals seem so far from what is possible, they aren’t able to get started. If you incorporate finding ways to help your clients see progress as part of your coaching practices, you will improve the odds of success greatly. The Problem With Goals Goals are not actually the problem. It’s how most people relate to goals. … [Read more...]

Best Coaching Practices: The Art Of Active Listening

One of the best coaching practices is to master the art of active listening. As a good listener, it’s not enough to be able to parrot back the words the other person is saying. Active listening requires that you demonstrate that you are truly interested in the other person. It’s a necessity in order to establish rapport and in order to get the best possible outcomes for your clients during their coaching sessions. Using Active Listening As Part Of Your Best Coaching Practices • Listen with the … [Read more...]

TV Music Metaphor For Insight Into Best Coaching Practices

As a coach, your best coaching practices require you to look deeply at the issues your clients bring you. While watching television recently, my husband’s quirky sense of humor produced a question which led me to think about how TV music is a sort of metaphor for beliefs. It was a scene in a perfectly ordinary supermarket, and suddenly there was an orchestra playing. His question–“what’s that invisible orchestra doing in a supermarket?” What does TV Music have to do with beliefs? Have you ever … [Read more...]