5 Life Coach Tips For Creating An Outstanding New Year

If you want your life coaching clients get off to a great start for the New Year, you’ll want life coach tips that are specifically designed for this transitional season. With all that is fresh and new, it makes sense to have some powerful tips get your clients moving toward their dreams. Here are my top 5 tips.

Life Coach Tips To Make A Difference In 2011

1. Ask your clients what was great about 2010 and celebrate their wins. As their coach, you’ll want to find out what they want more of or to continue doing in the New Year.
2. Clear the slate from anything in 2010 that was incomplete and needs to be cleaned up or tossed away. Give your clients to start the New Year fresh without carrying extra baggage and guilt.
3. Find out what your life coach clients want to achieve. What would be ambitious? What would be exciting? What difference do they want to make in their own lives and in the lives of others?
4. Create a plan to achieve their goals. Help your clients create the 10K foot view from the earth so they can get an overview of what needs to happen. It’s easier to see the lay of the land from an airplane than it is the ground.

The Grandfather Of All Life Coach Tips

5. The best life coach tip is to have your clients steal away for 24 hours of solitude so they can create the life the really want to create. Most people won’t do this, because there are too many obstacles in their daily lives to get away. This is exactly the reason why getting away is key. It’s hard to create something new when you are surrounded by your usual conversations, limitations, and environment. Have your clients get away from everything in their current life so they can create a vision with a clean piece of paper, and truly get a fresh start to the New Year.

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Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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