Vocabulary and the Positive Psychology of Coaching

The positive psychology of coaching assumes that people are basically happy, healthy, and possess the virtues and strengths needed to grow and thrive. They may lack knowledge, motivation, inspiration, or goals, but they are poised to succeed with the right kick in the butt! Words Matter – Express Yourself for Success One of the most neglected areas in the positive psychology of coaching is the power of words. Words do matter, and positive psychology coaching should incorporate the power of … [Read more...]

The Psychology of Coaching: 5 Tips for Success

Becoming a coach can look like an amazing and easy way to change a client’s life, move to a more rewarding career, or pass your wisdom onto the younger generation. However, there is more to coaching than teaching techniques and habits. When you begin coaching, it is helpful to understand the psychology of coaching and become an avid learner of methods of catering your lessons to an individual client. Understand the Role of the Brain in Decision-Making The human brain is the most complex … [Read more...]

The Psychology of Coaching Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

The psychology of coaching our current presidential candidates is not for the faint of heart. Our two main candidates, with apologies to Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, are the most unpopular candidates to oppose each other in the history of the United States. It’s the usual rhetoric and personal attacks, combined with downright contempt from the American electorate. But someone has to win! It’s going to be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Psychology Coaching 5 Factors … [Read more...]

3 Distinctions On The Psychology Of Coaching

The psychology of coaching is what we life coaches use to help our clients. To be more specific, the psychology of coaching is all about the mental states and processes at work in the human mind. In our profession, we often talk about mastering our psychology, and teaching our clients to master theirs. That is perhaps the biggest distinction between the psychology of coaches and that of other helping professionals, and that is the first distinction we'll discuss. Why The Fuss About Mastering … [Read more...]

The Simple Psychology Of Coaching

The psychology of coaching is much more than motivational ‘Ra-Ra’. It’s about finding out what really drives people into taking action above and beyond what most people would take. Why does it appear so easy for some people to take action where others struggle? Are they so much smarter? Most of the time it comes down to motivation. It takes no more energy to watch television than to sit at the computer and work on making a difference in the world. The Psychology of Coaching Is About Helping … [Read more...]

Psychology Of Coaching Illuminated By Oil Disaster In The Gulf

The psychology of coaching was definitely not the first thing on my mind when I heard about the oil leak in the Gulf. But as BP’s initial apparent lack of concern gradually changed into an active search for solution, my perspective as a coach turned the situation into a dramatic metaphor for coaching. So what’s the psychology of coaching metaphor? . The psychology of coaching is largely based on the truth that people are motivated away from pain and towards pleasure. As it happens, pain … [Read more...]