Life Coaching: A Motivational Coach Should Never Ask Their Client “The Impossible Question”

In life coaching, you as a motivational coach never want to ask your client “The Impossible Question”.  Clients need a motivational coach to keep pursuing the life of their dreams.  In life coaching, fear of failure is one of the most common challenges your clients face.  If your life coaching client has real problem with fear of failure, don’t ask them “The Impossible Question”.   What is the question and how do you help your motivational coach client handle fear of failure? Life Coaching:  Do … [Read more...]

How to Get Life Coach Clients: How Effective are Your Life Coaching Business Tools?

Everyone wants to know how to get life coach clients.  But they especially want to know how to get life coach clients that pay for the products and services your life coaching business provides.  In order to be maximally effective, your life coaching business tools need to meet the following criteria. Increase Your Life Coaching Business by Presenting an Exciting Message . The first key to how to get life coach clients is to make sure your message is exciting.  What is exciting?  A better … [Read more...]

The Three S’s of Success Coaching: What a Success Coach Needs to Know to Get Their Clients on the Path Your Practical Guide to Inner Game Coaching

The key to success coaching is to help your client move down the path to success.  Just like a doctor knows that lack of breathing or heart circulation will result in death to their patient, a success coach knows that lack of movement equates with death; Lack of action is the cause for the 95% of failure in businesses.  In success coaching we call it subconscious self sabotage.  What can a success coach due to navigate around this?  These are the three S’s to success coaching. As a Success … [Read more...]

Success Coaching: ‘The Way’ to Keep Your Business Success Coaching Clients From Failing

Sometimes in business success coaching we complicate things when we don’t have to. We might even develop such a complicated success coaching strategy that it paralyzes our clients. And paralysis is the greatest threat in success coaching. Paralysis equals death; with business success coaching clients and in life. Success Coaching Requires Both You and Your Client to Keep Moving Why is this important in business success coaching? Imagine that you stopped breathing. What would happen to you? … [Read more...]

Take Your Life Coaching Business or Coaching Career to an Elite Level by Owning the Outcome

To get your coaching career to its highest level, you have to own the outcome. I hear people that talk about building a life coaching business. Usually, they have a reason why they haven’t done it yet: it’s not the right time, they have family commitments, don’t know where to find clients; I’m tired when I get home at night, etc. I will share with you a couple of key mindsets you can use to break through and create the life coaching business you really want. Life Coaching Business: Your … [Read more...]

Relationship Coach Skills: Become a Relationship Coach Who Can Turn Around a Relationship Overnight

As a Relationship Coach, You Often Hold the Key to a Client’s Decisions . Are there any relationship coach skills that can allow you to become a relationship coach who can improve a relationship overnight? If you really understand that beliefs determine the quality and quantity of actions, which in turn determine results, the answer is an emphatic 'Yes.' Then why don’t more people do this? It comes down to choice. And as a skilled relationship coach, you help your clients see why they are … [Read more...]

Relationship Coach Video Example: Mom Lost Daughter. Reunited After 1 Coaching Session

Private Call THURSDAY: "How to Become a Master Coach". Watch This Relationship Coach Video Several Times to Learn How to Become a Relationship Expert . Get the Flash Player to see this player. Part II:  How to Become a Relationship Expert That Makes The Big Change (Relationship Coach Secrets) . This is where we all started crying, but still, the coaching must go on... . Get the Flash Player to see this player. In our last Master Coach Certification training I did a few … [Read more...]

Become A Weight Loss Coach (Fitness Coach) That Keeps Your Client’s Weight Off

When you become a weight loss coach or fitness coach, your long-term goal is to help your client’s keep the weight off.  Your client’s comfort zones drive their behavior on a subconscious level.  Become a weight loss coach who is aware of your clients’ comfort zones.  Your clients may recognize that if they start making healthier choices they will get the weight loss results they want, but they might be out of their comfort zone.  How would a successful fitness coach handle this … [Read more...]

Health Coaching: How to Help People Understand Why They Need a Personal Nutrition Coach

Health coaching is really a super-niche.  And while there is a lot of attention in the media about health coaching, most people don’t understand the value of a personal nutrition coach.  When you think about it, our approach to our physical health is very similar to how we approach any other goal.  Our beliefs and our philosophies determine our action, which determines what types of results we’ll get.  The biggest reason why people need a personal nutrition coach is to help them determine what’s … [Read more...]