The Three S’s of Success Coaching: What a Success Coach Needs to Know to Get Their Clients on the Path Your Practical Guide to Inner Game Coaching

The key to success coaching is to help your client move down the path to success.  Just like a doctor knows that lack of breathing or heart circulation will result in death to their patient, a success coach knows that lack of movement equates with death; Lack of action is the cause for the 95% of failure in businesses.  In success coaching we call it subconscious self sabotage.  What can a success coach due to navigate around this?  These are the three S’s to success coaching.

As a Success Coach You Need to Transform Your Client’s Mindset


The first ‘S’ of success coaching is to ‘Stop’.  Don’t be a success coach who allows your clients to act on past conditioning.  Your clients need transformation.  They need to shift their mindset to one of, “I have nothing to loose.  I’m ready to move ahead at all cost.”

In Success Coaching it is Essential to Help Clients Streamline Their Daily Activities


The second ‘S’ of success coaching is to ‘Streamline’.  Have your clients remove all negative things from their life.  Become a success coach who help people automate bills, house cleaning, and any unpleasant distractions from their daily life.  Then hold them accountable to performing the $300-$1000/ hour tasks that will move their business forward.

Teach Your Clients to Make a Decision and to be Comfortable with the Outcome Through Success Coaching


The third ‘S’ of success coaching is to ‘Submit’.  A success coach knows the mindset of success is to avoid trying to control the outcome of their actions.  Most people think that if we make a decision and it has a good result, it’s because we made a good decision.  Conversely, if we make a decision which has a negative result, it has something to do with us.  Understanding that the key to success is about being able to make a decision, and be prepared with dignity and grace to accept the outcome.  This mindset will help your clients become a decision maker.

Distractions removed and mindsets programmed for success, a success coach will lead people to become decision makers.  Success coaching provides opportunities for people to transform from reactors, to people who are ready to take control over their own destiny.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Bi-Designated Strategy and Accountability Coach

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