How to Turn Complete Strangers Into Coaching Clients

If you want to get coaching clients beyond your friends and family, you’ve got one big problem: Strangers don’t sign up for discovery sessions (i.e. free coaching sessions). So, how do you attract these strangers to you for coaching? And, how do you do it... without coaching them? The key is CONTENT. Content is the only way you can introduce your coaching to strangers… ...without them running away. Whether it’s... SPEAKING contentWEBINAR contentor WRITTEN / VIDEO … [Read more...]

Coaching Clients Past Objections

I used to be afraid of objections when I first started enrolling coaching clients. I used to think that objections meant the client didn’t want my coaching… ...or couldn’t afford my coaching… ...or didn’t have time. But then I realized that unless you discover a client’s objections (or concerns)... ...they aren’t really enrolled. Think about it. If your new client has concerns about your coaching program… ...and those concerns are never even talked about (much less … [Read more...]

Coach’s Guide to Celebrating Wins

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to coach a rockstar client? I worked with a client who was so famous… ...that Harvard University included one of his books in their MBA program. This client made and lost millions over his lifetime… ...and should have been living well by the time we met. Ironically... ...despite all the businesses he had helped to build… ...he was in a slump. So he needed … [Read more...]

4 Simple Coaching Techniques to Get Your Clients Unstuck

Coaching techniques are almost a dime a dozen – there are many different techniques that work and probably just as many that don’t work. More importantly, some work for some people, while other ones work for other people. Most coaching techniques are not one-size-fits-all. Figure Out What Coaching Tricks and Techniques Work For You and Your Clients As a coach, you are unique. Your skills, knowledge, style, and talents combine to make a completely unique coach. Your clients are also unique … [Read more...]

The 4 Worst Coaching Techniques – What Not to Say

There are many great coaching techniques that help you find outcomes for your clients. As good coaches, you use these great techniques and you work to incorporate more of them into your practice. But, do you ever use any bad coaching techniques? Do you ever say the wrong thing? Good Coach Bad Coach Everyone coach has done something wrong in a session. Even good coaches make bad decisions from time to time. Even good coaches say the wrong thing or implement the wrong strategy on … [Read more...]

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Coaching Techniques

Specific coaching techniques are a critical tool of effective coaches. During your training and your early days as a coach, learning all the techniques you can is a wonderful strategy. Not only do they improve your coaching results, but perhaps even more importantly they give you some confidence. As you grow more comfortable in your career though, it's a good idea to review the techniques you use, see what their good and bad points are, and make sure you're using them in the best way. Why Use … [Read more...]

When Not To Use Coaching Techniques On Your Clients

There are some times when it’s disastrous to use life coaching techniques on your clients. While it sounds a bit unlikely, coaching techniques can backfire and wreck havoc on your life and the lives of others. Don’t let this happen to you. When Using Life Coaching Techniques Can Get You Into Trouble 1. When you are using coaching techniques without consent from the person you are trying to coach. This is often seen as manipulative, and if you use it within the context of a complimentary … [Read more...]

Coaching Techniques: The Power Of Saying What’s On Your Mind

The simplest coaching techniques are often the most effective.  If you can say what’s on your mind, you allow your clients to do the same.  In fact, if you are wondering something and don’t ask your client you are really ripping them off by staying shallow.  Some questions may have a taboo feeling, but unless you get to an emotional level of conversation you won’t be able to transform your coaching clients.  These techniques can help you get started. Coaching Techniques To Rock The Boat 1.   … [Read more...]

Coaching Techniques to Get Your Clients to Tell You What They Really Want From Their Coaching Session: Life Coach Tips to Help You Get Into Your Clients’ Worlds

Life Coaching Techniques That Help You to Meet Your Clients' Needs, Especially When they Aren't Good at Communicating Today I was asked, “When there is cultural barrier or if clients are shy, what coaching techniques are effective at getting your client to open up and communicate the needs they need meet in their coaching session? What coaching tips to do have to get me past the awkward silence when a client can’t think of anything they want to work on?” The first life coach tips I offered him … [Read more...]