Life Coaching: A Motivational Coach Should Never Ask Their Client “The Impossible Question”

In life coaching, you as a motivational coach never want to ask your client “The Impossible Question”.  Clients need a motivational coach to keep pursuing the life of their dreams.  In life coaching, fear of failure is one of the most common challenges your clients face.  If your life coaching client has real problem with fear of failure, don’t ask them “The Impossible Question”.   What is the question and how do you help your motivational coach client handle fear of failure?

Life Coaching:  Do Not Let Your Motivational Coach Clients Think They Can Avoid Failure


According to John Maxwell, “The Impossible Question” is one of the most commonly asked questions by any motivational coach or speaker.  It is, “If the possibility of failure were erased, what would you attempt to achieve?”  It may seem to be a good question to ask in your life coaching business.  It may seem to empower them to look ahead to life’s possibilities.  However, it is really a bad question.

Life Coaching:  As a Motivational Coach, Do Not Imply That Success is Possible Without Failure


So why is it a bad question?  In life coaching and as a motivational coach, you must give your client the right mindset to be successful.  Again, John Maxwell believes “The Impossible Question” takes your client’s thinking down the wrong track.  I agree with him.  There is no success without failure.  To suggest to your life coaching clients that it’s possible, is the wrong impression.  Ask your motivational coach clients this question instead: “If your perception of, and response to failure were changed, what would you attempt to achieve?”  Your life coaching client can change their life, if you help them look at failure differently.

Kris Thompson

JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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