Relationship Coach Skills: Become a Relationship Coach Who Can Turn Around a Relationship Overnight

As a Relationship Coach, You Often Hold the Key to a Client’s Decisions


Are there any relationship coach skills that can allow you to become a relationship coach who can improve a relationship overnight? If you really understand that beliefs determine the quality and quantity of actions, which in turn determine results, the answer is an emphatic ‘Yes.’ Then why don’t more people do this? It comes down to choice. And as a skilled relationship coach, you help your clients see why they are getting the results they are getting. From there, it’s easy to become a relationship coach who can provide some real choices.

Become a Relationship Coach that Helps Clients See Their Own Beliefs More Clearly


First, you’ll need to become a relationship coach who helps their clients understand what their beliefs are about their partner. If they truly believe that their partner is out to get them and hates them, no relationship coach is going to be able to be effective. But if you become a relationship coach who helps your clients see the other side, you can provide some empowering alternatives.

A Relationship Coach Needs to Be Able to Identify the Next Steps for Change


Next you’ll need to become a relationship coach who can help their clients identify what actions they can take on a consistent basis to convey what they really want to convey to their partner. Instead of allowing your clients to function in a reactive mode, become a relationship coach who provides enough support to help their clients make a change in their behavior.

Even When You’ve Become a Relationship Coach, Love Can Still Have Its Mysteries


One of the most powerful strategies you have as a relationship coach is to have your client make a ‘raving fan’ out of their partner. With new beliefs in place about how they see their mate and daily action steps to back up those new beliefs, your relationship coach clients will start seeing changes in 10 days or less. If you can then get your clients to commit to continuing this strategy for 90 days, you’ll become a relationship coach who can solve the mysteries of love.

Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Bi-Designated Strategy and Accountability Coach

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