Personal Nutrition Coach Pitfalls

The biggest personal nutrition coach pitfall is neglecting the inner game.  Many nutrition coaches focus so much on strategy and information that they never fully enroll their clients in the coaching process.  How do you become a coach who gets their clients to become totally dedicated to their personal health and nutrition? Inner Game Secrets the Average Personal Nutrition Coach Misses The first inner game tactic a personal nutrition coach must use to motivate their clients to achieve success … [Read more...]

Health Coaching: How to Help People Understand Why They Need a Personal Nutrition Coach

Health coaching is really a super-niche.  And while there is a lot of attention in the media about health coaching, most people don’t understand the value of a personal nutrition coach.  When you think about it, our approach to our physical health is very similar to how we approach any other goal.  Our beliefs and our philosophies determine our action, which determines what types of results we’ll get.  The biggest reason why people need a personal nutrition coach is to help them determine what’s … [Read more...]