Take Your Life Coaching Business or Coaching Career to an Elite Level by Owning the Outcome

To get your coaching career to its highest level, you have to own the outcome. I hear people that talk about building a life coaching business. Usually, they have a reason why they haven’t done it yet: it’s not the right time, they have family commitments, don’t know where to find clients; I’m tired when I get home at night, etc. I will share with you a couple of key mindsets you can use to break through and create the life coaching business you really want.

Life Coaching Business: Your Coaching Career Doesn’t Exist Because You Have Not Been Committed


Your life coaching business isn’t what you want it to be because you haven’t caused it. When you make an excuse, even if it appears real, it isn’t the excuse that’s keeping you from your goal — it’s you! Don’t say that I don’t understand you’re circumstances. Stop hiding behind your excuses. I promise you I can find someone with more difficult circumstances than you, that against all the odds succeeded in their coaching career.

One of my coaching career mentors says something that will help you create the life coaching business of your dreams. He says, “If you’re willing to do whatever it takes you won’t have to.” That means, if you’re committed to your life coaching business, you will cause the result. You will not have to do everything it could possibly take to be successful, if you’re willing to do it. This is what ‘own the outcome’ means. It means you don’t make excuses in your coaching career; you either get the result, or you don’t.

Coaching Career Metaphors: Learn From Pregnant Women How to Have the Life Coaching Business of Your Dreams


You can learn a lot about having a coaching career from pregnant women. How? We’ve talked a lot about commitment. One of my mentors, Gary Ryan Blair, says, “Commitment is like pregnancy — you’re either committed or you’re not.” He’s right. You’re either going to run the amount of free sessions you need to run for your life coaching business to succeed, or you’re not! You’re either going to get the training or coaching you need, or you’re not! You’re either going to learn the sales skills and ask them to hire you, or you’re not!

Take massive action on your dreams of having a life coaching business! If you do not, you are communicating to yourself and to others that you don’t care about your dreams relative to a coaching career. If you don’t care, why should anybody else care about your life coaching business? So commit to whatever it takes to build a successful coaching career and get it done!

Kris Thompson
JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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