A Motivational Coach Should be Kicking Butt and Lavishing Praise

Are you a motivational coach? Do you go to one? Do you know one? Whether you already go to one or are thinking of hiring a motivational coach for yourself or your team, you can tell how good they are by how blatantly honest they are with their clients. Motivational coaches should motivate, and to properly motivate they need to kick some ass. If your coach isn't kicking your butt, you might want to find another one. But, they also need to emphasize the positive – loudly and often. Yes – … [Read more...]

Life Coaching: A Motivational Coach Should Never Ask Their Client “The Impossible Question”

In life coaching, you as a motivational coach never want to ask your client “The Impossible Question”.  Clients need a motivational coach to keep pursuing the life of their dreams.  In life coaching, fear of failure is one of the most common challenges your clients face.  If your life coaching client has real problem with fear of failure, don’t ask them “The Impossible Question”.   What is the question and how do you help your motivational coach client handle fear of failure? Life Coaching:  Do … [Read more...]

Master Motivational Coach Technique: How To Make Your Life Coaching Client Go After Their Goals

If you’re a motivational coach, how do you keep your life coaching client moving toward their goals? It’s an age-old problem. When your client gets off their call with you as their motivational coach they are so pumped up! Then a few hours or days pass, and they go back to what they have always been doing. Why don’t life coaching clients stay motivated and keep taking action toward their goals? Because they don’t have a compelling enough reason to achieve them. We will now consider two things … [Read more...]

Life Coaching: How to Be the Motivational Coach that Keeps Your Clients Taking Action

When you are life coaching your clients, sometimes you also need to be a motivational coach. Your client probably wants coaching because they are not happy with their life. Why is a motivational coach so important for every client in your life coaching business? Because clients will not take new actions if they lose hope. Life Coaching Clients Need a Motivational Coach To Break Old Habits Life coaching clients also need a motivational coach because their old habits may be hard to break. When … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Skills You Can Use to Become a Motivational Coach: Helping People Who Are ‘Stuck’

Any motivational coach will tell you that the most commonly perceived problem their clients face is being ‘stuck’. And in life coaching circles, coaches often ask what’s the best way to get people ‘unstuck’. Few people are naturally positive, so most of us depend on life coaching routines to get us into a great state of mind. As a motivational coach you can teach these skills to your clients. Beyond that, there are 3 things you need to know to help your clients get back on track: A Good … [Read more...]

How Do Your Beliefs Affect Your Ability to Succeed as a Motivational Coach? Coach Training We Can All Use

How Can You Succeed as a Motivational Coach: What Coach Training Insures Success? You may wonder how can insure you succeed as a motivational coach? And, is there any coach training that can insure success? Your beliefs supply the foundation for success. Beliefs dictate the rules by which we operate. This coach training article will help you see the challenges and opportunities your beliefs provide, and will demonstrate how to use your beliefs to help you succeed as a motivational … [Read more...]

The Magic Key to Motivation: Life Coaching Education on How to Become a Motivational Coach

You can be successful as a motivational coach with some basic life coaching education.  The magic key to motivation is that everything human beings do is either to avoid PAIN or gain PLEASURE.  It’s your belief that some actions will produce pleasure and others will create pain.  Even if some things are painful in the short term, you may still associate longer term pleasure by taking action.   How can someone who wants to become a motivational coach put this life coaching education into … [Read more...]

How to Become a Motivational Coach: Master Coach Life Coach Tips to Help You Succeed

Become a Motivational Coach by Implementing These Life Coach Tips These life coach tips are the fastest way to become a motivational coach, or any other type of coach for that matter.  These are the life coach tips that all master coaches use.  It does not matter where you are, if you want to become a motivational coach or a master motivational coach, you’ll need to: 1. Set a clear GOAL:  The first of these life coach tips is important because the more clear you are on the specifics of your … [Read more...]

Become a Life Coach Without Waiting for National Coaching Certification

When people ask how to become a life coach before they get enough hours to apply for national coaching certification, they often really mean, “How do I get clients that pay me so I have some credibility and can tell people that I am a coach?” What they are also wondering is, “Who is going to pay me to be their coach?” and “how will I step into the role of a life coach?”   The Credibility Gap, And National Coaching Certification A lot of new coaches ask me “Who will believe me?” … [Read more...]