Do You Need To Be Certified To Be A Life Coach Or Is Coaching Certification A Waste of Time?

Coaching certification is great, but do you need to be certified to be a life coach? What reasons are there for getting a coaching certification? These are great questions to ask if you want to be a life coach. One popular reason to get coaching certification would be to learn coaching techniques. Another reason would be to help your prospects believe you are qualified to coach them. Yet another reason could be that you believe you will get more clients than someone who does not have a … [Read more...]

To Have Success Coaching Your Clients Long Term What Inner Game Coaching Will They Need?

What inner game coaching will your clients need for you to have success coaching them in the long run?  You will need to keep them emotionally connected to you.  I have had success coaching many of my clients for a long time.  The inner game coaching I do with them is very important to keep them wanting me to coach them long enough to get results.  Over time we develop such a strong emotional bond and trust between us that they ask me for coaching in all areas of their life.    When we use the … [Read more...]

Why Use Public Speaking To Learn How to Speak With Confidence In Your Life Coaching Business?

Learning how to speak with confidence seems like a huge obstacle when you first start your life coaching business.  You may feel like you have to be the perfect coach to speak with confidence in your life coaching business.  Or like many others you may feel like people won’t listen to you if you don’t have success stories yet.   So why use public speaking as a tool to learn how to speak with confidence? Public Speaking Will Help You Learn How to Speak With Confidence Because Public Speakers are … [Read more...]

Why Mastermind Groups are a Waste of Time in Growing Your Life Coaching Business: How to Avoid this Life Coaching Career Pitfall

Mastermind groups are a waste of time in growing your life coaching business?  Sound sacrilegious?  Sure, but they are one of the most common pitfalls people fall into at one point or another during their life coaching career.  Here’s why.  A bunch of coaches sit around, usually on the phone, for an hour or so every week and talk about their life coaching businesses.  They support each other in their life coaching career goals.  And over the course of the year it amounts to over 40 hours of … [Read more...]

Coaching Tips: Coaching Strategy That Will Help 90% of Your Clients

Are there any universal coaching tips? Is there one coaching strategy you can use for just about anyone? If you are asking these questions, you are probably looking for some sense of certainty. Certainty is also related to comfort and safety. And you will naturally attract people who are similar to you in some way; probably because they are looking for certainty as well. And let’s face it; most people don’t feel safe enough to make changes until they at least have some sense of certainty. So a … [Read more...]

How to Get Life Coach Clients: Life Coaching Business Strategies That Aren’t as Bad as Pulling Teeth

The secret to how to get life coach clients or start a life coaching business is no different than most things you haven’t done before. There can be that air of apprehension or even fear that keeps you from taking that first step. And let’s be honest, you probably know something about how to get life coach clients. So how many more life coaching business strategies do you need to get started? Boosting Your Life Coaching Business to the Next Level Takes Courage What helped me in learning how to … [Read more...]

Accountability Coaching Tips: 3 Steps to Successful Coaching When Your Clients Are Stuck in the Mud

It’s hard to feel that you have a successful coaching practice when you have clients who can’t or won’t follow through on what they commit to. They always seem to have excuses, and usually very good ones. Sometimes even very entertaining stores. And unfortunately most of the coaching tips you’ll hear, won’t help. It’s not about getting tough; it’s not about trying to get your clients to be more afraid of you than what they commit to. For your clients to have a successful coaching experience, you … [Read more...]

Coach Training is Less Important Than Coaching Sales Training to Make Money as A Coach

In coach training you found your passion as a Coach but chances are you were not given enough coaching sales training to show you how to get clients consistently.  You may not view yourself as a “salesperson”.  Coach training can make you a good coach and that’s great, but it’s not enough.  The reality is that coaching sales training is necessary to show you how to get people to contact so coaching will not be just a hobby for you like it is most coaches.  Instead it will be profitable … [Read more...]

Want to Become a Life Coach But Don’t Know How to Start a Life Coaching Business?

You want to become a life coach but don’t know where or how to start a life coaching business?  Most people who want to become a life coach have a passion for helping people.  They are Givers and may have been asked for advice for as far back as they remember from their friends, family, schoolmates or colleagues.  Desire to help people is a great start, but let’s consider what the foundation should be to start a life coaching business. Become a Life Coach or Start a Life Coaching Business by … [Read more...]

In Your Life Coaching Business Use Coaching Success Stories to Get More Paying Clients And Change More Lives For The Better

It is absolutely essential in your life coaching business to use your coaching success stories in your free coaching sessions to get the most clients possible. Coaching success stories influence your prospect’s subconscious mind that they will get similar results as the client in your story. By influencing them at a subconscious level it means that you are making the benefits they will experience by being a client of your life coaching business more real to them and they will not know how you … [Read more...]