How To Build A Life Coaching Business: A Lesson I Learned From Will Smith

I know Will Smith doesn’t have a life coaching business, but he has the mindset to achieve whatever he wants to achieve in his life. On his U-Tube video he talks about how his father had him build a brick wall with his brother. The task looked impossible, but after a year they had completed the project. He learned the valuable lesson that he could create anything he wanted. Here’s how you can apply this mindset to your coaching business. Building Your Life Coaching Business One Brick At A … [Read more...]

Want to Become a Life Coach But Don’t Know How to Start a Life Coaching Business?

You want to become a life coach but don’t know where or how to start a life coaching business?  Most people who want to become a life coach have a passion for helping people.  They are Givers and may have been asked for advice for as far back as they remember from their friends, family, schoolmates or colleagues.  Desire to help people is a great start, but let’s consider what the foundation should be to start a life coaching business. Become a Life Coach or Start a Life Coaching Business by … [Read more...]