Coach Training is Less Important Than Coaching Sales Training to Make Money as A Coach

In coach training you found your passion as a Coach but chances are you were not given enough coaching sales training to show you how to get clients consistently.  You may not view yourself as a “salesperson”.  Coach training can make you a good coach and that’s great, but it’s not enough.  The reality is that coaching sales training is necessary to show you how to get people to contact so coaching will not be just a hobby for you like it is most coaches.  Instead it will be profitable business.

Coach Training is Not Enough – You Also Need Coaching Sales Training To Get People To Sample Your Coaching

When taking your coach training you learned how to make powerful changes in your client’s lives.  Now you need coaching sales training to find potential clients and offer a free coaching session.

Treat Your Coaching Sales Training With The Same Importance as Your Coach Training In Your Area of Specialty

One great way to do this is to go to people that you know and ask them for help.  Let them know that you are growing your coaching business and they could really help you out with some referrals.  Be sure you remember your coaching sales training and follow these steps…

  • Educate them about who is a good referral for you.  If you don’t educate them they will send you the wrong person for your coaching.  If that happens, all the coach training you have received will not be well accepted and it will hurt your confidence.
  • Next let them know when they think of a good referral to think of friends, family, co-workers, church or any other associations they belong to.
  • Finally here is the coaching sales training that will really help you.  Ask them “of everyone you know who is the best referral for me?”  Then be silent for as long as it takes for them to respond.

They are likely to give you a referral because…

  • They have a relationship with you.
  • They know you went through coach training to be a great coach.
  • They want you to be successful.

This is the best way to use coaching sales training to start out your business right.  Generate referrals to offer free sessions to so you can use your coach training to show how you can help them.

Kris Thompson

JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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