How to Get Life Coach Clients: Life Coaching Business Strategies That Aren’t as Bad as Pulling Teeth

The secret to how to get life coach clients or start a life coaching business is no different than most things you haven’t done before. There can be that air of apprehension or even fear that keeps you from taking that first step. And let’s be honest, you probably know something about how to get life coach clients. So how many more life coaching business strategies do you need to get started?

Boosting Your Life Coaching Business to the Next Level Takes Courage

What helped me in learning how to get life coach clients and take my life coaching business to the next level was something I learned from pulling out my daughter’s tooth for the first time. My precious, sweet, little girl who I have protected since she was in the womb. One of her teeth was dangling by a thread, and it hurt her quite a bit. Up until that point, the school nurse pulled her teeth out. But unfortunately today was Friday, and the tooth was not going to last through the weekend. My daughter begged me to end her suffering with the tooth.

How to Get Life Coach Clients by Dealing with the Pain

What does this have to do with how to get life coach clients? There was enough pain so that I was brave enough to try. Is there enough pain in your life to move you forward, or are you comfortable enough where you are with your life coaching business? Make it clear what will be the cost if you fail to take action. Magnify it like a 6 year old girl.

Your Life Coaching Business Isn’t a One-Shot Opportunity

What other lessons can you learn about how to get life coach clients from a story about pulling teeth? I only had one chance, failing my daughter would cost me a lot. Thankfully that is rarely the case in your life coaching business. Even if you fall on your face, you can try again with someone else. And chances are you don’t live with them to have them constantly remind you that you really hurt them.

The Short Answer for How to Get Life Coach Clients: Take Action

And the most important lesson is to take action. It’s the only way how to get life coach clients, take your life coaching business to the next level. In the instant you take the action, you have the opportunity to become a hero. And once you’ve done something, it’s much easier to repeat it. Personally, I am extremely grateful for that.

Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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