To Have Success Coaching Your Clients Long Term What Inner Game Coaching Will They Need?

What inner game coaching will your clients need for you to have success coaching them in the long run?  You will need to keep them emotionally connected to you.  I have had success coaching many of my clients for a long time.  The inner game coaching I do with them is very important to keep them wanting me to coach them long enough to get results.  Over time we develop such a strong emotional bond and trust between us that they ask me for coaching in all areas of their life.    When we use the term “inner game coaching” we are talking about client’s beliefs, feelings and comfort zones.  There are three things your clients need from you to keep them as your client long term.

To Have Success Coaching Clients, You Need To Make Them Feel Like You Value Them

To have success coaching your client long term they need to believe you value them.  You cannot deliver effective inner game coaching if your clients think you do not care about them.  It doesn’t matter how much you know because they won’t listen.  One way to make your client feel that you value them is to take good notes during your sessions.  Really listen, and do not be “waiting to talk.”

Praise Your Clients Efforts To Have Success Coaching in the Long Term

To have success coaching your client you must praise their positive actions.  It doesn’t matter how small their actions may seem to them.  To give them inner game coaching that is only focused on what they didn’t do well will discourage them.  If your client gets no encouragement from you they will stop coaching with you.  If you make them feel like they are making progress it will motivate them to keep trying and not give up. If you do this you will have success coaching your clients to get results.

Help Your Clients with Inner Game Coaching on How to View Their Wins and You Will Build a Successful Life Coaching Business

Lastly, you will need to give your clients inner game coaching on how to view their wins.  A lot of people ignore their wins and focus on their disappointments.  For your client to feel like they are making progress toward their goals you will need to teach them to celebrate their wins.  Celebrate with them over the phone during their coaching session.  Pat them on the back and tell them they did a great job.  If you do these things you will have many clients stay with you for a long time and you will have a satisfying coaching business.

Kris Thompson

JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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