Why Use Public Speaking To Learn How to Speak With Confidence In Your Life Coaching Business?

Learning how to speak with confidence seems like a huge obstacle when you first start your life coaching business.  You may feel like you have to be the perfect coach to speak with confidence in your life coaching business.  Or like many others you may feel like people won’t listen to you if you don’t have success stories yet.   So why use public speaking as a tool to learn how to speak with confidence?

Public Speaking Will Help You Learn How to Speak With Confidence Because Public Speakers are Viewed as Experts

If you use public speaking to promote your life coaching business you will soon learn how to speak with confidence.  Why?  Because we all are taught that Public Speakers are experts in their field.  If the promoter says you’re an expert then you are an expert in the minds of the audience.  People love to do business with experts and public speakers are experts in their minds

If your audience views you as an expert then you will feed off their energy.  That energy will give you confidence and your audience will respond well.  Your audience is there to hear your message and they want you to succeed.   When you contact them after your speech you will hear respect for you in their voice.  That respect will make it much easier to enroll them as a client in your life coaching business.  Without public speaking your prospects will view you as a salesperson when you call them to offer a free coaching session.

You Will Learn How to Speak With Confidence by Using Public Speaking Because It Puts You Ahead of Your Competition

Using public speaking consistently to promote your life coaching business will put you in the top of your field.  That is true because 99% of people on the planet are too afraid of speaking in public to even try it.

The other reason you will be at the top of your field is you will have more clients.  You will be offering your free session to many people at once not just to one person at a time.  Knowing how to speak with confidence won’t be a problem for you if you commit to using public speaking to consistently grow your life coaching business.

Kris Thompson

JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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